Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Vintage images for you!

 This has been a bit of a difficult week for me.  On Monday, it was a year since my grandpa passed away so there were a lot of emotions being felt.  My brother and his wife also had their first ultra sound and seeing the picture of that is very difficult for me.  But I took a major step and made an appointment with a fertility clinic to see if we can start the process of figuring out why we can't seem to have a baby.  You are all so kind and offer words of encouragement, support and understanding and I want to keep you in the loop as to what we find out.  The appointment isn't until March, but at least we have a date as to when we can get started on figuring it out.  
In remembrance of my dear Grandpa Kenny, I wanted to share with you some of the vintage cards that were kept in a metal box for so many years.  If you remember, I shared a post of all of my Grandpa's Childhood Treasures last year.  I was wishing and hoping and praying that one day, they would all be mine.  Guess what?!  This summer, my grandma told me I could have them since I showed so much interest in them!  I started crying because it meant so much to me to have these.  I need to get a shadow box specially built so that I can display them properly.  I will treasure them forever!  I scanned them so that you can enjoy them too.  Please feel free to use them anyway you would like.  I have some more that I will share later, but I would love to see anything you create with them so please share!  With all of the beautiful roses, they would be perfect to use for Valentine's Day.

I hope you enjoy these!

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NanaDiana said...

Trisha- I understand about it being a hard time. The one year anniversary of my only brother's death is coming up in a few days. It is an odd feeling to know that someone you so loved is now on the other side.

How wonderful that your gramma gave you all those sweet images. That is such a blessing and a continued connection to him and her.

I am praying for your fertility problems to be solved. My son and dil tried for 5 years and then she got pg and delivered a beautiful, healthy baby boy. I hope that happens for you, too. I wish we knew why these things happen. Someday we will know-but it is hard waiting in the darkness of not knowing. xo Diana

Laurel Stephens said...

I hope all works out for you, Trisha. You have so much on your mind now! Thank you for sharing your beautiful images.

Julie's Lifestyle said...

Hi Trisha, I'm so sorry for the emotions that you must be feeling right now. It's very hard to see people around you pregnant right now and I know what you are going through. I pray that it will work out for you. By seeing the specialist is the 1st step in the right direction. The images you are sharing are sp pretty and thanks. Take care and be well.

Donna said...

Hi Trisha,
I'm sorry for this difficult time. I know how hard anniversary's of loved ones passings are. I am glad that you made the appointment. It will give you something to look forward to. And just knowing that you are being proactive will give you strength and hope. Praying that God blesses you and your hubby with a little miracle:) Oh, thanks so much for sharing the beautiful Valentine cards with us, what a treasure you have!

LV said...

You are so fortunate to receive these lovely vintage cards. Loved seeing them. Also, generally time takes care of being a parent. Also, should you not be able to have your own, trust me there are worlds out there that could use you for a mom. My sister has two grown ones they adopted and love them as their own.

White Lace and Promises said...

It seems that you and my daughter have been on the same journey. With each event that was my son's happiest, was my daughter's lowest. When my son married his sweetheart, my daughter and her husband were getting over cancer surgeries (him) and when my son graduated PA school, they were pregnant and my daughter had just miscarried. When my grandson was born, they had had an IUI that had failed. This year when they decided to start the process of IVF, my son finds out they are expecting another one. So with every joy for one, there has been sorrow for the other. At the time that my son's baby is more, my daughter will find out if the IVF worked. We're just praying hard for pregnancy. I will be glad to connect you with my daughter is you would like. I could give you her email. I'm sure she would be glad to answer any questions. Will be following your jorney.


White Lace and Promises said...

She lost her Nanny and Granddaddy (my parents) during this journey too. So you too share much in common. Blessings, my friend. Prayers and Blessings.