Monday, January 9, 2017

Michael's Grab Bag Giveaway Winner

Last week, I told you about $2 Michael's grab bags and I thought for sure I was the only one that had yet to discover these things...apparently I was wrong!  Let me tell you about them again, just in case you didn't read my post last week.
Right after Halloween, I went to Michael's.  I walked around the store and when I came up to check out, there was a cart sitting in front with boxes on it.  There was a lady grabbing them like a mad woman and raving about these things.  Of course I was intrigued and grabbed 3 boxes for myself.  At $2 per box, I should have grabbed more! I wish I knew when these things will happen, it is a surprise and you just have to be there when they do it.
You have no idea what will be in your box, I had one box that was all Finding Dory stuff but 2 more that were full of all kinds of great things.  Wire words, metal letters, blocks, baking twine, washi tape, notecards, cups, pencil holders, stickers, stamps, magnets, chalk paint, etc. etc. etc.   
My favorite thing in all of my boxes were these lights.  I got 26 boxes of these lights.  I wrapped some up in twine and sold them for $5 each at a craft fair making my money back after selling just one!
I have put them in my hutch in my dining room and I love the way they look at night.  I wanted to offer a giveaway for some of these lights because they are so fun. 
I put all the names into my favorite mug and pulled out a winner! 
Nana Diana, it is you!  Email me so I can get your address and I will send you a package of goodies from my Michael's grab bags.  Thanks to everyone who entered and I hope you happen upon one of these crazy days at Michael's (apparently there are YouTube videos of people opening up their boxes if you want to watch!)  Enjoy your week everyone!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Winter Wonderland & A Giveaway

Happy New Year!  Crazy to believe that 2017 is here already...but here we go!  It has been a winter wonderland around here lately.  We have so much snow, it's crazy.  
My mantle is decorated for winter and the new year.  It's decked out in silver, white and blue.   
It is so pretty when the frost and snow takes over, even if it is freezing.  I had to brave the below freezing temps and get some shots of it all. 
Cody has been dealing with "shoulder impingement" so he hasn't been able to keep up with shoveling all of the snow we have been getting.  We are hoping that physical therapy will fix it and he won't have to have surgery.   
Do you have a New Years Resolution?  Mine is always the same, and I have been working on it since September-lose weight!  I have been doing the Ketogenic diet (low carb, high fat) and have lost about 20 pounds.  I took Thanksgiving through New Years off and was able to maintain my loss but it's time to start getting serious about it again. 
Still in love with my New Years Party hats that I made years ago.   
I have been off of work since the Thursday before Christmas.  I didn't do much but I did get my craft room straightened up, took down Christmas decorations and am working on decorating my laundry room.  It's almost done and almost ready to be shared! 
These snowflakes are still as pretty as they were last year when I made them.  Lot's of pretty glitter and sparkles.
The hutch in my dining room is a new fun space to decorate.   
Have you ever heard of Michael's $2 grab boxes?  Apparently after each season, they throw a bunch of stuff into a box and sell them for $2.  You have no idea what is in them until after you buy them.  I just happened to stumble upon these a day or two after Halloween. 
I went back to work and opened up the 3 boxes that I bought.  There were note cards, stickers, ribbon, twine, washi tape, wire words, cups, battery powered lights and so much more.  The battery powered lights originally sold for $10 per box and I got 26 boxes of lights. 
I sold about 6 sets for $5 each at a craft fair so I more than made my money back just on those lights alone.  I have used a few sets in my hutch and I love the way my dining room looks when it gets dark.  I would love to give away a set or two, so leave a comment on this post and I will pick a winner on Saturday!  

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Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Simple Christmas Table

This year, I have been totally obsessed with buffalo check and deer.  So when I found these paper plates and napkins at Albertsons, I knew I had to have them and that I had to set a fun and festive table with them.
I don't have a lot of different plates and other things to set a table, so paper plates are perfect for me.  They are affordable and come in so many fun designs.  I did have some red snowflake plates from the dollar store that matched perfectly however. 
And then I found these glittery red deer ornaments at the Dollar Tree and grabbed a set for my table.  Aren't they adorable and perfect with the plates? 
I got the placemats and napkins on sale before Thanksgiving at World Market.  I do love red and stripes and grainsack anything.  The napkin has a monogrammed napkin ring and a red Christmas ornament.  It is sitting on top of a paper napkin that matches the paper plates. 
Nothing too fancy for the centerpiece.  An ironstone bowl is fulled with some red vintage Shiny Brites and sits on top of my barnwood box.  I added some silver Shiny Brites to my candle holder and lit the candles. 

My hutch has a buffalo check rag garland with a sparkly snow flake on the mirror.  I filled my trough box up with pretties and added a Christmas floral arrangement along with my stained trees.   

It's nothing fancy, but I love my sweet little table that I have set and that Cody and I will enjoy together on Christmas Eve! 
Oh, and I just had to share this story about my Uncle, who also just happens to be one of Santa's very special helpers! Click here to see for yourself!

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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Vintage Christmas Mantle

Decorating my mantle for every holiday and season is one of my most favorite things to do.  But for some reason this year, I just couldn't get anything put together for it.
Then I saw my mini silver tree and knew it would look perfect on one side.  I have a pretty nice collection of Shiny Brites and I gathered the small red and green ones for this tree.  I even have a topper for it that goes with my Christmas color theme. 
I couldn't find my vintage spaghetti Santa Claus bank no matter where I looked and I think missing him was the reason I couldn't get my mantle done.  But this morning I went out to the shed and looked one more time and I found him!  And then my mantle just came together! 
I found the vintage Thermos with the blue lid this week at my favorite thrift store and now I have a nice little collection that works for Christmas decorating.  My vintage Santa mugs are always a favorite decoration with the bottle brush trees. 
I made the little deer print this year specifically for my mantle.  I love little deer of any kind and would love to add more to my collection. 
I am so happy with how my mantle finally came together.  I wish I would have gotten it done sooner so I can savor it a little longer! 
I wanted to share a few more of my Christmas vignettes around the house.  These vintage children's ice skates are darling with my favorite color adorning them.  I hung them on a wreath holder and they look great in the living room. 
I decorated my dining room in reds and blacks this year.  I am going to do a fun tablescape that I will share next week, but here is the hutch all decorated.
I filled my trough box with some greenery and stained my triangle Christmas trees with some vinegar/steel wool stain. 
My favorite white cabinet features this pretty vintage white vignette.  Bleached bottle brush trees are the star of this show! 
My  vintage gate got a dose of Christmas too.  A garland of red poinsettias, a rolled paper wreath and another one of my vintage ceramic trees helps make my living room feel festive. 
And my coffee table has a reindeer decked out in Christmas reds and greens.  It may have taken me awhile, but I finally got all of my Christmas decorating done and I love it all! 

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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Christmas in the Camper

I finally did it!  I decorated my camper for Christmas!  It's been an item on my Christmas bucket list for awhile now and today was the day I finally did it.  And I got it done just in time because a big storm is rolling in.
The outside is nice and welcoming.  A wreath on the door, a Santa star on the lantern and a bucket full of pine cones with a red bow. 
It's cold outside and my little fireplace heater warms up the camper nice and quick.  My vintage ceramic tree fits so perfectly on the dining table.  
I hung a red, white and green yarn garland from the front cupboards and 2 burlap stockings hang from there as well.   

A couple of fun vignettes on the table, the fireplace and the counter were really fun to put together. 

We have a TV/VCR/DVD player set up out here and one of my favorite things to do during the holidays is watch some classic Christmas movies.  The bed is all made up and ready with lots of fluffy pillows and warm cozy blankets.  I am going to mix up a batch of my favorite hot cocoa and we will enjoy it out here while we watch our movies.
Yesterday, we had our annual Christmas baking day at my mom's house and we made lots of yummy stuff.  These peppermint frosted chocolate cookies will go great with the cocoa! 
I have a holiday scent in my cute Scentsy warmer that makes my camper smell extra Christmas-y too!  I love using this warmer all through the year in my decorating.  This vignette is my favorite. 
Here is a view from the outside looking in.  So cozy and warm and inviting and I can't wait to go watch Christmas movies out there tonight! 
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