Sunday, July 29, 2018

Fire Starter Kits

We have so many pine trees on our property that naturally we have tons of pine cones.  I was trying to come up with ideas as to what I could do with all of those pine cones.  Come Christmas, I plan on making cinnamon scented pine cones, wreaths and other fun pine cone arrangements.  
For summer, I decided to make Fire Starter Kits.  I went about gathering my supplies, some from my yard and some from other places. 
Dried pine needles make the perfect tinder.  Pine cones work great as kindling.  I baked them to make sure there were no bugs in them.  I bought mini packs of matches from the dollar store and a co-worker just happened to have a bunch of sage in her yard and she brought be a big bag of that.  I put everything into a mason jar that I got at the thrift store. 
I love this project because it uses up some of the many, many pine cones and pine needles in my yard.  It's also a great way to use up lids that have already been sealed that you can't re-use for canning.   
I tied some twine around the matches and the sage to make it a bit more special.  Plus you can use the twine to start your fire.  
Everything fit perfectly into my jars, including the sage which will make your fire smell extra nice and it will help keep the bugs away! 
I made a nice little label for the top of the jar that tells you what this is and a tag that I tied around the lid of the jar that tells you what's inside. 
These are perfect little summer gifts for the camper or s'mores lover in your life.  They would also make a fun favor at a wedding or other get together.  And of course they aren't just for summer, these would be perfect for winter time too...which by the way, I am really looking forward to!

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