Monday, April 30, 2012

The miracle of life

I am almost 30 years old and until last week, I had never seen anything be born. Not a cat or a dog or a human has ever been brought into this world in my presence. My best friend asked me to be there when she gave birth to her 3rd child and to take pictures of every little and big moment. I was humbled and honored. I got some amazing shots, obviously I can't show many of them, so here are just a few that are just too precious!
On Thursday, April 26th, they put her on petocin at 9:00 in the morning to get her labor started. They broke her water at 12:25 pm. She kicked us out of the room when the contractions got really bad and she decided to get an epidural. But there was no time for that!
While in the waiting room, we got a call to hurry qucik-the baby was coming NOW! We ran to the delivery room and not a moment too soon. At 2:07 pm, the baby we had been waiting to meet, came into this world. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen! I knew what happened but I had no idea how beautiful, raw and emotional it was. I was laughing, crying and taking as many pictures as I could!
Lynlee Tatum weighed in at 7 pounds, .06 ounces. Her mom thought she must only weigh 4 pounds because she felt so tiny!She was 19 inches long. I swear her feet were huge, but when I saw them yesterday, they appear to have shrunk!
Big Sister Jayde was there to see it all. Although she was a little grossed out by seeing her mom in a way she had never seen her before, she was so happy and over the moon to have a little sister of her own! You can see the tears of joy that she was crying the first time she held her sister.
Big brother Chandler came after Lynlee was born. He had his eyes closed so tight so that he didn't see her until everyone was ready!
And when he opened his eyes and saw his baby sister for the first time, he was so excited! That's our baby!
I can never thank Kyla enough for letting me be there to witness this amazing miracle. Even though at one point, when she was in severe pain, she told me that having babies was overrated. Seeing this take place only makes me want to experience this myself even more. To feel the baby inside of you for 9 months and then give birth to it and have it placed on your chest. I can think of nothing more wonderful than that!Welcome to the world Lynlee! You are going to be so loved and so spoiled by this Auntie of yours. I love you so much already and am so happy that I got to see you make your entrance into this big, crazy world!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend on the Patio

We had the most beautiful weather this weekend! Highs were in the low 90's, but there was a breeze blowing that made it feel perfect. We pretty much lived on the patio this weekend-planting flowers, painting projects and playing with the dogs. I took full advantage of the wonderful weekend!
We went to Home Depot to get a few things and I came home with this pretty pink Ranunculus. It looks perfect in this white metal pot with roses on it.
I found this French Lemonade at the Grocery Outlet and had to buy a bottle. Not only do I love lemonade, but I love the French feel of the bottle.
It is a sparkling lemonade and was so refreshing with the heat we had.
The bottle has this on both sides in French. I am going to soak the labels off and use it for holding flowers or serving water in.
I found this plate with pink roses at a yard sale, there were 2 of them. The lace tablecloth was given to me by my mother in law. It has some stains but it is perfect for using outside on my little white table.
I mentioned to Cody that I really wanted a day bed for the patio. I love the look of it piled high with soft blankets and pillows, but I would really love to take a nap on it during these beautiful spring days. Look what he made for me out of a queen sized head and foot board!
I have a lot of painting to do to it and I will have to find a mattress, pillows and linens. But for now, an old feather bed and random pillows will work. We took a little cat nap on it yesterday and it was amazing! There was a breeze blowing and it couldn't have been more perfect!
The dogs love to play with the water that comes out of the hose. Grady tries to eat it. Look at the air he got here!
Bella attacks it but they love it, as long as they aren't getting a bath! They were so sad this morning when I was getting ready for work. I know how they feel, after a weekend like this, I didn't want to go to work either!
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tulips, Weddings & Baseball Games

We are back from our little trip to Washington State. It was quick and busy but we definitely had a lot of fun! Among the many things that we did was to visit the Tulip Festival in La Conner, WA. I had been before but this was Cody's first time. My cousin and her 2 kids met us there and we all enjoyed seeing so many tulips! These are just a few of the many pictures I took!
I love how a random color will sneak in!
We could not have asked for better weather! This part of Washington is known for its constant raining, so we lucked out!
If you have never had the chance to visit the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, I recommend putting it on your bucket list as something to do!
The main reason we went to Washington was for my friend Rachael's wedding. She got married in Belligham. Since this was her second wedding, she chose to wear a red dress. It was amazing!
We all got our hair and makeup done by professionals (as a wedding makeup artist myself, I was a bit disappointed in the job he did on me. I had to touch it up after he left!) But it was still a lot of fun having someone else do it for me!
Her flowers were white roses and anemones. Her bouquet had black feathers in it. The cameo on her bouquet has been in her family for about 200 years and each bride has worn it. It was probably one of the prettiest ones I have seen!Here is a fun picture of the wedding party-Brady Bunch style! I am the blonde!
Our last adventure was to watch the Seattle Mariners play the Cleveland Indians at Safeco Field. My husband is a huge Indian's fan so he was beyond excited for this game! A home run was hit right into our section and Cody came so close to catching it! Here is a clip-Cody is in the red and white striped beanie and I am in the green sweatshirt. At about 31 seconds in, you can see us try to catch it!
A Mariners fan took this picture...he was upset that the Mariners lost and that we were Indian's fans. I think that is why the picture turned out so blurry!
We stayed with my cousin in Olympia, Washington for 2 days. She treated us so well. We ate like royalty! Her little dog Sullivan was the cutest thing. He helped us not miss our own fur babies too much!
We are glad to be home and we had a lot of fun. I wonder what our next adventure will be?
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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Heirloom Table

This is my vintage dining room table. It is quite special because before it belonged to me, it belonged to both of my grandma's. My grandma Carmene had it first and it was painted white. She decided to sell it in a yard sale and my mom bought it for her mom. She stripped off all the white paint and stained it back to its original mahogany color. I was by her side the whole time, helping her where I could.
When my grandma Noreen decided to get a different table years later, she held onto it so that she could pass it on to one of her grandchildren. Since I am her oldest granddaughter, I was the one that got it. I kept it in its original stained color for quite awhile. I couldn't find a picture of it though. Cody and I refinished this a few years ago. We also reupholstered the chairs.
I believe that this is a Duncan Phyfe table but I don't have any proof of that. I looked up these specific tables on line and never found one quite as lovely as mine. I know that my grandma Carmene had this table for at least 30 years and my grandma Noreen had it for at least 20 years. I have had it for nearly 10 years. So it is definitely an antique and in very good shape. The detail on the legs is absolutely stunning! The carving is amazing and I think it is one of a kind!
I love that I can put the sides down and it is the perfect size for Cody and I. If we need it to be bigger, we simply raise the leaves and it easily seats 6-8 people. It came with 4 ladder back chairs. I love the curves and shape of the chairs.
The fact that this table belonged to both of my grandmother's makes it really special. It quickly became a family heirloom that I am in no hurry to get rid of. I hope to pass it on to a child of my own someday.
The most stunning part of this table is the legs, wouldn't you agree! Blogger did not upload my pictures in the order that I had them-that is so frustrating!
Cody and I are off to the Seattle/Bellingham area this weekend. My friend is getting married and I am a bridesmaid. We will be going to the Tulip Festival in Skagit Valley, visiting family in Seattle and also attending a Seattle Mariners vs. Cleveland Indians (Cody's favorite team) game. It will be hard to be away from our fur babies for 4 1/2 days but it will be a lot of fun and we will survive (I hope)!

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

A new bed

My grandfather was a carpenter. He could build amazing things with his hands. Since my mom was his oldest child, she was lucky enough to receive many of his creations before he passed away. When my mom graduated from high school, he built her a bed for a graduation present. My mom has had that bed since 1978 and today, her bed became mine.
My grandpa made this bed for my mom as well as her dining room table and a China closet. My parents put these items in their will-I get the bed, my sister gets the China closet and my brother gets the table. I got mine early-my sister and brother have to wait a lot longer to get theirs! When my mom became pregnant with me, my grandpa built a cradle. I will get that someday and will do a separate post on all of these pieces.
My parents decided that they wanted a bigger bed and that is why this bed is now ours. We also have a bigger house with a bigger bedroom so it worked out perfectly. We used to have a double bed so a queen sized bed will be a welcome change. This is quite the bed. My grandpa came up with the design all on his own. It is unique and definitely one of a kind. It is also sturdy and well built. The wood is mahogany. My mom sent me queen sized sheets since I had none along with wood polish and scratch cover. I have been instructed to oil it at least twice a year so the wood doesn't split. Growing up, that was one of my summer chores so I guess you could say I am used to it! This whole bedroom is in need of a major makeover. The walls need painted, I need nightstands and I need new linens for the bed. And all the shelves on the headboard are just begging to be decorated. I can't wait to hit yard sales this summer to find all the things I need to make this bedroom and bed mine! On another note, I got to take pictures of the cutest little family this weekend. Baby A is the sweetest baby ever. He is such a good baby and I just love him so much. His daddy has been my brothers best friend since kindergarten and is now a very good friend of my husbands. His momma works at the vet where we take our dogs and always lets me love on A. He just happens to be 6 months old today and is growing like a weed. Here are a few favorites from our photo shoot.Isn't that the cutest smile you have ever seen? Melts your heart!
I bought these Carhart's for him and knew that they would look adorable on him!
He is the cutest little thing and I am so happy that I get to be a part of his life!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful April so far! Remember, April showers bring May flowers!

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