Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wedding gifts and ornaments

 Hi, my name is Trisha and I am the owner of this here blog.  You wouldn't know it though since it has been about 1 month since my last post.  I don't really know what happened to me this last month...I guess life just kind of got in the way.  My poor husband had some bad teeth and 2 wisdom teeth that had to be removed, I have been searching for a new job that is closer to home and pays better.  You  I have managed to do a few crafty things here and there.  Here are just a few.

 My cousin just got married and I love homemade wedding gifts.,  Much more love and thought go into them!  I painted some small wood blocks red and then mod podged their engagement photos onto them.  I then sanded the edges of the blocks and the pictures a bit.  The block in the middle has a monogram, their names and the date they were married.  This was a mod podge transfer.  I tied the middle block with black satin ribbon.

Thanks to Pinterest for this idea.  My cousin even pinned this to her wedding board after I made it so I know that she loved it!  The wedding invitation is cut into strips and wrapped around a pen then placed inside a clear bulb ornament.  I added red glitter and red heart shaped beads as well.  The silver letters are their initials.  I tied a pretty red ribbon on it and added a small red snowflake to the middle of the bow.  Now their first Christmas ornament is taken care of!

I found this idea on Pinterest too...what did we do before this crazy website existed?  This is a babies first ornament for my best friend Kyla.  I took this picture of Lynlee when she was only 6 days old.  I printed it in color on regular paper.  I painted this little block pink and sanded the edges.  I used the mod podge transfer image for the sides that have her name, date of birth, weight and length.  I glued the picture to the front and sanded the edges of it.  A pink satin bow sits on top as well as a pretty little tiara.  This will be the perfect first Christmas Ornament for my little sweet Lynlee!

I am really hoping that I don't continue to be such a slacker.  I just don't know what got into me.  Hopefully it is out and I am back!