Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy 4th of July

What is it about the 4th of July that makes me so happy? It has to be the memories that I have from when I was a little kid. I have a huge extended family and when I was younger, we spent the 4th of July together. We would meet early in the day and have a BBQ, play games, eat some more and then get ready for the fireworks. My aunt had a dog that would chase the ones that spun on the ground. His mouth would be full of smoke. He was crazy but he loved it. Another one of my aunt's had a flying firework land in her hair and it went up in flames. Luckily someone put it out quick and she didn't get hurt or lose too much hair! After all the fireworks were over, we would drive home and fall asleep in the car. My dad would carry us into the house and put us to bed. Life was much simpler back then and I cherish those memories.
Now that I am an adult, I try to make 4th of July at my house special. I like to put out a few decorations that I leave out until after Labor Day. This year, I took some inspiration from Pinterest and made this flag wreath using red, white and blue tule. It was really easy and a lot of fun to make. I have had several people ask if I could make them one...of course I would love to!
This is a banner that I made last year. I love the red, white and blue papers that I used. The sparkly stars in the middle are fun too. Someday I would love to have a big wrap around porch where I can hang bunting all around it. Until then, my paper banner will work inside the house!This is my favorite mosaic glass hurricane. I found it at Kohl's a few years ago on sale for just a few dollars. It works perfectly to hold all of my little American flags. I also have some flags tucked into my plants out front. There is something so beautiful about Old Glory. So full of history and times gone by. I love the stars and stripes!
This year, since 4th of July falls on a Wednesday, we won't be going camping. Instead, we are taking the day and spending it with my family. We will drive up to my mom and dad's house and have a BBQ, go fishing, sit in the creek and do whatever our hearts desire. I am really looking forward to the lazy day that awaits us and I wish all of you a very Happy Independence Day!
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Monday, June 25, 2012

Miss Gracie's Goodies & other fun stuff

Miss Gracie's and Friends Vintage Barn Sale was fantastic! I went at 6:00 on Friday, when it started and there were people lined up to hit the sale. It was hot but they were kind enough to have buckets of cold water bottles for everyone. I saw so many things I would have loved to buy...I didn't get a lot but I did get a few fun things!
Since I have never had a real laundry room until now, I decided that I was going to decorate this one and make it feel special. I have decided to do it in pink and roses. When I saw this beautiful rose plaque at the sale, I picked it up as fast as I could. I love it and it looks great above the window!
These little sconces will look great with some white lace curtains hanging from them. These were my only purchases at the sale. I went back on Saturday with my mom and she found a cart and a coffee grinder. A lot less people and a lot less stuff on Saturday afternoon!This table would have fit right in at Miss Gracie's sale and I am sure it would have been snatched up right away. But this is my new table. I am sure you remember the post I did about my Heirloom Table awhile back. Don't worry, I still have it and plan to keep it forever! This table belonged to my best friend Kyla. Her mother in law gave it to her and I loved it the first time I saw it. I told Kyla that if she ever got rid of it, to let me know so I could buy it from her. She recently got a new table and her husband was about to throw it out. Luckily she remembered that I wanted it. The only thing I had to do was come and get it. One of the legs was broken but I knew my handy husband could fix it!
We were going to tear it apart and use it for other projects, but I just couldn't bear to do it. So for now, it sits in my dining room and I think it looks pretty cute there. My chairs go perfectly with it (she kept the matching chairs). My old table is on the patio and will come in handy when we have people over. I might just switch them back and forth or someday I will have a house with a formal dining room and a breakfast nook where they will both get used!
This is my next project. It is an antique bar/liqour cabinet. I can't wait to get it finished so that I can show you all the neat inside. If I can't find time this week, I will be sure to find time next week since I don't have to work all week. I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to a whole week off of work!
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

To Miss Gracie's Sale I Go!

Who has an invitation in hand and a few dollars burning a hole in her pocket? This girl! Miss Gracie's & Friends Vintage Barn Sale is this weekend and I can't wait to go! This will be my 3rd year attending the sale...lucky me! I think I will go by myself on Friday-I always walk around the whole sale at least 3 times. On Saturday I think I will go with my mom. If I had thousands of dollars to spend, I could definitely make a huge dent at this place. But since I don't, I will be sure to spend my little bit of money wisely and get something wonderful!
It is always fun to see Miss Gracie herself buzzing around like a busy little bee. There may be other local bloggers there as well. And I usually always see someone I know since I grew up in the next town over. It is a really big deal in this little town. I saw a flier at the local Chinese food restaurant and an0ther business is advertising it on their reader board. TONS of people will be there. Even though it starts at 6:00, most people crash it before then. You may have to park a mile down the road, but it is so worth it! I wish you could all come with me!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy 3rd Anniversary!

Today, my husband and I celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary. I know 3 years seems like no big deal to those who have been married far longer than that, but in today's world where divorces are so common, it is a milestone. Five people that we know of that got married around the same time as we did, ended up divorced within the first year of their marriage. When the going got tough, they just gave up.
We have some very good role models to show us the way. Cody's parents have been married for over 40 years, my parents have been married over 30 years and my grandparents have been married almost 60 years. Those numbers are something to really be proud of!This past year has handed us some really tough times but we have managed to work together to get through it all. I think these kind of struggles only make our relationship stronger. We are best friends and we are still deeply and madly in love with each other. It still feels brand new-he takes my breath away and makes me weak in the knees! He is definitely my soul mate, my prince charming, the love of my life!
Happy 3rd Anniversary Cody! I love you more everyday and look forward to spending the rest of my life with you!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Little French Table

Remember the little vintage table that my roses were sitting on in my last post? I finally got around to doing something with it. I knew I wanted to paint it and put a French image on it, I just wasn't sure which one to use. Of course I went to The Graphics Fairy to see what I could find. Here is the image that I decided on. I don't know what it says, but that isn't what I am concerned about. I just love the overall look of it with the straight lines, curves, fonts and flourishes! Not to mention it is vintage!
Here is the sweet little table. If you remember, my father-in-law bought it for me at a yard sale for $3. It was the perfect palette for an image transfer. White paint and some patience and it was ready for a new look!
I used the Mod Podge transfer method. When my husband saw what I was doing, he thought I was crazy. I told him to trust me...there are so many talented bloggers out there who use this method and they wouldn't steer me wrong. It was hard for me to wait overnight for it to dry, but as soon as I woke up I started rubbing off the paper. Needless to say, my husband was pretty impressed that it worked!
This little table is perfect to display my little collection of Eiffel Towers on. Right now, it is residing in my HUGE bathroom that I have decorated in a French theme. Unbelievably, this table is too small for this bathroom, so I might have to find a bigger piece and use this little table somewhere else.
I really like the way it turned out and I can already see myself finding many more images to transfer on to a lot of other things. Whoever thought up this method is really quite genius!
On Friday, I received my invitation to Miss Gracie's Barn Sale! I now live in the same town, just minutes from Miss Gracie. I used to drive 30 minutes to go to her sale, but now I could literally walk there. You better believe I am going June 22nd and 23rd. And I will definitely be buying something and will share my finds with all of you!

Have a great week!