Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Treat Potions

I always like to do something extra special and fun for my favorite trick-or-treater's also known as my nieces and nephews; they always expect fun things from me! Last year I made them Halloween cones filled with candy and decorated with lots of fun Halloween embellishments. This year I came up with something fun as well!
I spotted these adorable little bottles of soda at Winco. They are about 8 ounces and really cute. The grape flavor has a black hue so I knew they would make great Halloween treats!
I created some fun labels on Word using clip art. Each of the 10 bottles has a different, spooky label. I tied a piece of black ribbon on the top to make them just a little more festive.
The piece of art corresponds with the "flavor" of the "potion" that each bottle holds. Each one has a customized description too. Here is the list that I came up with in case you want to make some of your own:
*Witch Wart Water-wonderfully refreshing. Fur of Werewolf Juice-100% fresh clipped werewolf hair. Broken Bone Broth-the freshest fragments. Gurgle of Ghost-Boo! Devil's Dangerous Drink-full of fiery fury. Vampire Blood Essence-only the freshest blood. Zest of Zombie-brings you back to life. Graveyard Dust Extract-bottled in the pits of fire. Black Cat Brew-don't let it cross your path. Putrid Pumpkin Puree-it pleasures the palette.

I simply removed the label and taped these on. It was fast and easy and I know my favorite trick-or-treater's are going to love these bottles of potion and a little bag of candy.

Wishing you all a very Happy Halloween Weekend!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ben's Bells

Have you heard of Ben's Bells?  I happened to be watching a news station that I never watch and saw a story about Ben's Bells.  In honor of a little boy who died suddenly and without warning, his parents started creating these bells.  They place them all over cities and towns and when people find them, they are encouraged to take them and spread a little bit of kindness.  What a wonderful way to remember such a sweet little boy!  I never thought I would be lucky enough to find one, but yesterday I did!
Sorry for the awful picture, I took it with my phone!
 This is the Ben's Bell that I found.  I just happened to be in a neighboring town on my lunch break to visit a friend.  When leaving her subdivision, I looked at the speed limit sign and saw a flower and other colorful things hanging there.  It took me a second to register what it was, but when I finally did, I flipped my car around and ran across the street to get it.  I couldn't believe that I had found one!
The card attached to the bell tells you all about it.  I went on to their website to learn more.  Ben's Bells is actually located in Tuscon, Arizona, and I have no idea how it came to the Boise area, but I am so glad it did!  I was overcome with joy to have found a Ben's Bell and I had a little pep in my step the rest of the day!  I think that is the whole point of this project, to remind people that there is still kindness in the world.  And if you are lucky enough to be treated kindly, pay the favor back!  Now I just need to figure out how to spread some of the kindness that was given to me!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Tag Swap

I recently participated in a Fall Tag Swap hosted by It's a Very Cherry World. My swap partner was Janice at Curtains in My Tree. Here are the tags I created for her.
I made her 2 tags. One that is for Fall/Halloween, and one that is just for fun! The fun tag has vintage lace, pink pearls, a rose, a vintage button, beads and a glittery paper bird. The fall inspired one is fall on one side...
And Halloween on the other side! I love the little ghosts and candy corn!
Here are the lovely tags Janice made for me. I love them both!
The first one is this October Lady. I love her orange matches the orange seam binding on top! The yellow buttons are perfect as "O's"
I just love how she used a vintage BINGO card and spelled out my name with Scrabble tiles! The ribbon on the top is orange velvet and black lace.
Thank you so mcuh Janet for my tags! I had so much fun creating these for you and love the tags you made for me! I can't wait to do another fun swap soon!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Craft fair goodies

Yes, it has been awhile. Life has been a bit hectic. My new job is in full swing-lot's of event planning, scheduling and learning-but I love it! We got an offer on our house. An insulting offer, but that's what a short sale is really. I signed the papers on September 20th-my birthday-kind of a sad thing to do. Now we just have to wait for the short sale to be approved. We could be moving within 2-5 months...which brings a whole new dilemna-to decorate for fall or not to? If I do I know we will have to move really quick...if I don't, we will be there forever! I haven't decided what to do yet! In the meantime, I have been crafting to get my mind off of things. I sold some of my stuff at a craft fair this past weekend and I plan on making more stuff to sell at other fairs this year. Here are some pictures of what I made. I get so much inspiration from blogging and Pinterest. Enjoy the pictures!
My favorite candle with white eyelet laces and a big frosty blue/gray rose.
Towel holders-painted and distressed.
Fleur de lis tins.
MagnetsRose altered candle.
Rose message board made out of an old metal tray.
Paris metal tray message board.
A little vignette of the Paris goodies.
I loved making all these book bundles. No two are exactly alike!
White vintage lace, creamy crinkled seam binding and a frosty white rose.

Pink vintage lace, pink pearls and a frosty pink rose.

White tulle with a frosty blue/gray rose.

Blue and white vintage lace with a silky blue ribbon and a glittered hydrangea.

Black crinly seam binding, black pearls and a tiny skeleton key.

I hope everyone is enjoying fall so far. I can't wait for the temperatures to drop and the leaves to start turning. Maybe when that happens, I will be swayed to decorate for fall!

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