Sunday, January 29, 2017

Built-in Bakery Sign

As I am sitting in the living room this morning, I hear Cody in the kitchen with the drill.  I go in there and he is taking off cupboard doors in the kitchen.  He just randomly decided that today would be the day we start on our kitchen makeover.  
After he got this section painted, he said that I needed to make a sign for this empty space.  Funny, I had been thinking the same thing for awhile now but I didn't want to do anything until we painted.  Clearly, now was the time to get it done! 
I went out to the garage to find my vintage stencils because I wanted to hand paint them and then distress them.  They actually fit perfectly in this spot so I didn't even have to tape them up to stay.   
I was going to use acrylic paint but had a fat Sharpie market that was even easier to use.  It definitely helped make my lines look nice and sharp. 
I then took a scuffing pad and scuffed up the letters to make them look nice and worn.  Some spots I scuffed down to the wood and some spots I just let a little paint come through. 
Using my Silhouette, I cut some black vinyl for the sides. Cody said his favorite part was the little stars.  My favorite part is the fact that we are finally getting my kitchen makeover started! 
This little preview makes me so happy!  My kitchen is going to look amazing when we get it all done.  Six cupboards down, 18 cupboards and 9 drawers to go!  

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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Faux Demijohn Bottle

You know how you see something and think to yourself, I really want that!  And then you look and look and can't find it or you find it and it is way out of your price range.  I have been wanting a demijohn bottle for awhile for my living room and since I couldn't find one, I made one!
When I came home with this large jug of wine, my husband said something about being an alcoholic...I told him it was for a project which just made him get a little smirk on his face.  Yes I drink wine and this bottle took awhile to finish!  If you don't drink wine, you might be able to find an apple juice jug or something similar to use.  I had every intention of tinting this bottle with food coloring and mod podge but after it was emptied and cleaned, the green color of the glass was perfect and it made less work for me.

I soaked off the label and cleaned it inside and out.  Then I let it dry. 
I didn't have a basket or the skills to weave a handle like my inspiration image so I went with the next best thing--twine.  I wrapped it around the neck and secured it in place then took it to the living room where it will live. 
I had a stem of faux pussy-willow that fit perfectly.  It is sitting in front of the new welcome sign my sister-in-law made me for Christmas. 
I noticed that the Carlo Rossi wine bottles come in different shapes so I may have to see about making some more of these faux demijohn bottles.  I still want to try my hand at tinting them as well. 
This was a really fun project and really easy too.  And it was exactly what I wanted! 
I am also thinking of fun things I can put into the bottle like wine corks or lights.  So many fun possibilities!  
We have so much snow here, the garbage man can't pick up our garbage and the mail man can't deliver our mail.  I have been snowed in to the point where my car can't get out of my driveway a few times and we have buildings all over the place collapsing under the weight of the snow.  It's just crazy!  And once this stuff melts, here comes the floods! 

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Michael's Grab Bag Giveaway Winner

Last week, I told you about $2 Michael's grab bags and I thought for sure I was the only one that had yet to discover these things...apparently I was wrong!  Let me tell you about them again, just in case you didn't read my post last week.
Right after Halloween, I went to Michael's.  I walked around the store and when I came up to check out, there was a cart sitting in front with boxes on it.  There was a lady grabbing them like a mad woman and raving about these things.  Of course I was intrigued and grabbed 3 boxes for myself.  At $2 per box, I should have grabbed more! I wish I knew when these things will happen, it is a surprise and you just have to be there when they do it.
You have no idea what will be in your box, I had one box that was all Finding Dory stuff but 2 more that were full of all kinds of great things.  Wire words, metal letters, blocks, baking twine, washi tape, notecards, cups, pencil holders, stickers, stamps, magnets, chalk paint, etc. etc. etc.   
My favorite thing in all of my boxes were these lights.  I got 26 boxes of these lights.  I wrapped some up in twine and sold them for $5 each at a craft fair making my money back after selling just one!
I have put them in my hutch in my dining room and I love the way they look at night.  I wanted to offer a giveaway for some of these lights because they are so fun. 
I put all the names into my favorite mug and pulled out a winner! 
Nana Diana, it is you!  Email me so I can get your address and I will send you a package of goodies from my Michael's grab bags.  Thanks to everyone who entered and I hope you happen upon one of these crazy days at Michael's (apparently there are YouTube videos of people opening up their boxes if you want to watch!)  Enjoy your week everyone!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Winter Wonderland & A Giveaway

Happy New Year!  Crazy to believe that 2017 is here already...but here we go!  It has been a winter wonderland around here lately.  We have so much snow, it's crazy.  
My mantle is decorated for winter and the new year.  It's decked out in silver, white and blue.   
It is so pretty when the frost and snow takes over, even if it is freezing.  I had to brave the below freezing temps and get some shots of it all. 
Cody has been dealing with "shoulder impingement" so he hasn't been able to keep up with shoveling all of the snow we have been getting.  We are hoping that physical therapy will fix it and he won't have to have surgery.   
Do you have a New Years Resolution?  Mine is always the same, and I have been working on it since September-lose weight!  I have been doing the Ketogenic diet (low carb, high fat) and have lost about 20 pounds.  I took Thanksgiving through New Years off and was able to maintain my loss but it's time to start getting serious about it again. 
Still in love with my New Years Party hats that I made years ago.   
I have been off of work since the Thursday before Christmas.  I didn't do much but I did get my craft room straightened up, took down Christmas decorations and am working on decorating my laundry room.  It's almost done and almost ready to be shared! 
These snowflakes are still as pretty as they were last year when I made them.  Lot's of pretty glitter and sparkles.
The hutch in my dining room is a new fun space to decorate.   
Have you ever heard of Michael's $2 grab boxes?  Apparently after each season, they throw a bunch of stuff into a box and sell them for $2.  You have no idea what is in them until after you buy them.  I just happened to stumble upon these a day or two after Halloween. 
I went back to work and opened up the 3 boxes that I bought.  There were note cards, stickers, ribbon, twine, washi tape, wire words, cups, battery powered lights and so much more.  The battery powered lights originally sold for $10 per box and I got 26 boxes of lights. 
I sold about 6 sets for $5 each at a craft fair so I more than made my money back just on those lights alone.  I have used a few sets in my hutch and I love the way my dining room looks when it gets dark.  I would love to give away a set or two, so leave a comment on this post and I will pick a winner on Saturday!  

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