Monday, July 23, 2012

My Pretty Cloche

A couple of years ago I found these 2 beautiful glass cloches at a yard sale for 75 cents each. I knew it was a very good deal and I wasn't going to pass them up. I like to use them in different ways and change them out with the seasons. This is what I have on my dining room table right now. Lots of white with roses, vintage crystals and tulle.
I found the candle holder at Deseret Industries, the vintage chandelier crystals at a yard sale, the roses at my local craft store and the mini Eiffel Tower at Michaels. It looks perfect on my white dining room table.
Did you know that I LOVE Cinderella? I have a large collection of Cinderella goodies. These two clocks have there own pretty cloches protecting them.
The tiara on this one was from when I was the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi in college.
And this tiara is from when I was the Apple Blossom Queen in High School. I love my tiaras and won't ever pass up a chance to wear them!
If I make a pretty dessert, I love to show it off under a cloche. These pink rose cupcakes look perfect on this silver jeweled charger and a cloche to top it off!
And of course, I always use a cloche in my Christmas decorating. These vintage bottle brush trees that I bleached and decorated are just magical under a cloche decorated with a sparkly ribbon!

I am so glad that I bought those 2 cloches at that yard sale. I have definitely got my moneys worth out of them!

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Margaret's Cakes

Thank you to everyone who put in their 2 cents when it came to painting my step stool and gate. Seems like almost everyone had the same thoughts on it as me. Great minds think alike! I am going to leave the gate alone because it is perfect just how it is. And I will be painting the stool yellow. The rust is just getting worse and I don't want it to be completely un-useable so I think some new paint will help it last longer! I should have done it this weekend, but I was turning my hair yellow and then grey instead. Long story...let's just say I am glad that my sister is a stylist and can help me out when I get into these kinds of messes!
I am sure that I have mentioned before that my mom is a professional wedding cake decorator. I have been telling her for quite some time now that she needed to get a website where she could refer people to when they wanted to see her work. I finally took matters into my own hands and started a blog for her. The last 2 wedding cakes she had, I went along with her to help set up. I brought my camera with me so that I could get the pictures uploaded right away. Here are just 2 of her most recent cakes.
She has been doing this for nearly 30 years and that is a lot of pictures! One of these days I will find the time to scan them all in and get them uploaded to her blog. It is so fun to see wedding cakes from the 80's and 90's!If you would like to be a follower of her blog, please go visit her here:

I will do my best to keep it up to date for her if she doesn't have time. If you are in the Treasure Valley of Idaho area, be sure to see her for your next celebration. All of her cakes are baked by her in her custom built cake kitchen. Any kind of cake, filling and frosting as well as any decorations you would like. All cakes are custom/made to order. Thanks for checking it out!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

To paint or not to paint...

That is the question. I have two vintage goodies that I love just the way they are. But I also can see them painted all nice and pretty as well. Would you paint them or leave them as is?
If I were to paint this vintage Cosco step stool, I would be true to its origins and paint it yellow again. It needs some tightening and a little clean up. The seat has lots of rust, chips and dings. I think it adds character. If this stool could talk, I wonder what kind of fun stories it would tell us!?!
Then there is my gate. I am less on the fence (lol) about painting this one. I kind of like it the way it is. Layers of green chippy paint and rust. I don't even know what color I would paint it if I did!
Both the stool and the gate are outside items so they wouldn't stay looking "brand new" for long. It wouldn't take very much time at all for them to return to their "before" stage.
So, what would you do...paint or leave as is? I can't wait to hear what you have to say so I can get help with making up my mind on these!

Monday, July 9, 2012

My week off in review

It is hard to believe that my week off of work went by so fast. Why can't work weeks go by like that? I didn't do as much as I had planned to do, but here are a few highlights from my week:
I put together a festive 4th of July Tablescape. Using only things I had on hand, I think it turned out very nice! You have to love the red, white & blue!
The plates and napkins are from JoAnn's. I bought them a few weeks ago hoping to use them for the 4th. Since I wasn't having my own get together, I thought I would put them to use decorating my table!
Surprisingly, I had a lot more patriotic things than I thought. The handkerchief in the middle of the table is from an event I put on at the Snake River Stampede. It was Patriot Night and Wrangler gave out red, white and blue handkerchiefs. I got the star plates at Michaels last year, had the flag toothpicks as well as the star cupcake toppers. The confetti, flags, tulle and glitter stars were in my stash. Each place setting had a mason jar to drink out of!Nope, I didn't have a party for the 4th, but I went to one at my parent's house. It was a hot day and we mostly sat on the back patio, ate, listened to the creek and tried to stay cool. The teenagers had fun posing for pictures. These are my neice and nephew, along with 2 of my cousin's kids. Hard to believe I used to babysit these kids so long ago when I was their age!
My Aunt Becky and my mom got in a game of croquet. There was also volleyball and badmitton...if you could stand the heat!
All of us girls made our way down to the creek to soak our feet in the cold water. It felt amazing! This is my sister, my cousin Katie and my Aunt Becky.
We barbequed hamburgers and had all kinds of yummy sides and desserts. This was my Red, White and Blue bundt cake that I made. It was so pretty and very tasty!
Even my dogs got in on the holiday spirit. They each wore a patriotic handkerchief around their necks. Bella didn't like the loud noises of the fireworks, but Grady didn't mind!
I got to babysit this little cutie patootie. He is getting way too big but what a good baby boy he is!
I had some movies that I wanted to watch so Cody decided to set up a little movie theatre on the patio. My table is the perfect stand for the TV. We sit on the day bed and get to watch movies and breath in the fresh summer air. What movies did I watch?
Twilight movies. I also read all 4 books on my break. Well, I read all 4 of them in 2 weeks. I never thought I would be a fan of Twilight, but I am so glad that I read them and I could barely put them down. I was Team Jacob all the way until the end. Now I can't wait for the last movie to come out. Oh no...I think I am addicted!
So, it seems I did quite a bit over my break, but nothing that I had planned. That liquor cabinet/bar hasn't seen a lick of work still. Guess I better get on that!
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