Sunday, October 23, 2016

New Collections & Old Collections

Gurley Candles.  They are just so cute and when I spotted these at one of my favorite thrift stores a week ago, I knew I had to get them.  Although 2 is not really a collection, I am on the lookout for more now!
These are in excellent condition and were marked 29 cents each.  It appears they were cheaper now than they were brand new.   
Shiny Brites.  Now these I definitely have a lot of, I just can't pass them up when I see them.  I got 2 boxes for 99 cents each last week and there are some really unique ones in here. 
The stars and snowflakes are my favorite ones.  These didn't come in a Shiny Brite box but they are all marked Shiny Brite on the metal clip. 
The pink one in the middle is so cute.  Clearly it was meant for a baby girl.  I have never met a Shiny Brite that I didn't love! 
Vintage Tablecloths.  I found this one at the same thrift store for $1.50 and I loved the sweet orange roses and white daisies.  I have no idea what the pattern is called or the brand.  Any ideas. 
It fits right in with my other tablecloths that I have been collecting.  There's the pastel plaid, red gingham, poinsettias, Christmas angels, orange poppies, Thanksgiving turkey and my new one.  So many more tablecloths to collect! 
Collecting things is so much fun and it feels like every time I turn around, I find something new that I just want to collect!

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ramsign Giveaway

If you haven't heard of or seen these amazing signs from Ramsign, you must be living under a rock!  I've entered giveaways and have never won myself and I have hosted giveaways and love when I get to notify the winner.
These signs come from a rich history of a love for vintage advertising signs.  As a vintage lover myself, I would be so happy to add this perfect vintage touch to my own home. 
With so many styles to choose from, you are bound to find one that you can't live without!  These would also make awesome Christmas gifts, especially for the person who has everything. 
Before we had our forever home, I knew that I would get the numbers of my anniversary: 61309.  Now that we have our forever home, I would love to have a sign for both! 
Which one would you pick?  Visit Ramsign and tell me which sign you just couldn't live without.  I will pick a winner on Friday, October 28th and notify you via email.  Winner will receive a house number sign valued up to $99. (You don't have to have a blog to win, just make sure I can email you.)
This is the one I have my eye on, how about you?

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Fall Harvest Party for Two

When we bought this house almost a year ago, one of the things I knew I wanted to do was have a Harvest Party each fall.  Cody says we aren't quite ready to host a party (he wants to finish the driveway as well as some other things first).  So I said, can I host a Harvest Party just for us?  He liked that idea and I could hardly wait to get started! 
I love the big oak tree that we have in our front yard.  The leaves are starting to fall to the ground so this was the perfect place for my table. 
I used one of my flannel faux throws as the table cloth and the napkins that I made last week.  The Dollar Tree has really pretty fall leaf plates and water goblets that were perfect for this tablescape.   
The orange bowls will be full of homemade beef stew and the plates will hold buttered slices of french bread and crackers.   
These goblets will be the perfect vessel for apple cider or whatever we decide to drink tonight.  Those little raffia pumpkins are also from DT. 
I brought my leaf-wrapped candles out and put them on shorter candle sticks.  My acorns match perfectly with my plates. 
We went to the pumpkin patch last week and I loved this short round pumpkin.  The black lanterns are stuffed with fake little pumpkins and mini sunflowers. 
Cody was impressed with my Harvest Table and wondered how soon dinner would be!  I love that he goes along with my crazy ideas and embraces them right along with me. 
The big tall pumpkin leaning against the pole was made by my mom.  She collects railroad nails on her walks and uses them as pumpkin stems.  I love the wood pumpkins that she makes and gives to me! 
For dessert tonight, we are having apple cobbler.  Lots of yummy brown sugar and cinnamon in the crumble topping makes my house smell amazing! 
I was going to use my vintage green metal chairs, but Cody suggested I use my white dining room chairs.  I think his suggestion was perfect.  The color on the chairs is perfect for a fall tablescape. 
Hopefully next year we will be ready to invite our family and friends to a Harvest Party, just like I've been dreaming about.  Until then, I will totally take this Harvest Party for just him and I! 
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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Nature Inspired Fall Decor

I loved my fall leaf candles so much, that I decided to see what else I could make getting my inspiration from nature.  
I wanted to make some leaf print napkins so I went to JoAnn's and bought some fat squares in ivory.  I found the perfect leaf, painted some acrylic paint on the back of it and then pressed the leaf onto the napkin.  Look how perfect the leaf turned out! 
I also went acorn hunting in my yard but guess what?  None of the acorns are attached to their caps once they fall out of the tree.  So I attached them with some hot glue and used them as a filler in my jar.   
Would you believe that the squirrels ate every single one of the black walnuts off of my walnut tree but they haven't eaten very many of my acorns off of my oak tree! 
I put the jar of acorns in my barnwood holder that my bride finally gave to me last week.  She gave me 3 of them and I love them just as much as I did back at her wedding. 
I then took some of my acorns and attached them to my new napkins with some twine.  I can't wait to have an outdoor dinner in the yard and create a festive fall tablescape using all of my nature inspired pretties.  

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Pumpkin Serendipity

Recently, when a friend came over for a visit, they said to me; "I didn't know you collected pumpkins!"  Well I didn't know I did either until they pointed it out to me.  It's completely unintended, a happy accident if you will and I love it!
I guess it's pretty obvious when you take a look at my mantle, I do love pumpkins and I do have quite the collection.  When I got engaged almost 9 years ago, I really wanted to have a fall wedding with lots and lots of pumpkins.  But since so many of my family and friends hunt, a fall wedding just wasn't an option for me.  I opted for June and have lived happily ever after since then!!
Some of these pumpkins I have picked up from various places including the dollar store.  These 3 are just so cute and I notice that Dollar Tree has some really cute ones again this year that I am going to have to go buy. 
These pumpkins are from the dollar store too but I covered them in pretty glitter and placed them on  an autumn colored stack of books. 
I made these too with some wood painted orange, some leaves, stems and curly wire.  I love seeing all the creative things that people use to make pumpkins.   
This Jack-O-Lantern will be put away after Halloween, but the rest of my pumpkins will be left out for Thanksgiving decor.  More Thanksgiving goodies will be added on November 1st. 
I should probably fill this fun pumpkin full of candy, but right now it is empty.  I love the little curly vine that is painted on this one. 
My coffee table has a basket filled with more flowery pumpkins.  The little ceramic one in the front is a candle that smells like fall. There are more pumpkins all over my house and on my porch, but these are my favorites!
I also wanted to share a super easy and really pretty way to dress up your plain pillar candles.  These are faux leaves, but I am sure you could use real leaves if you'd like.  Just take a long piece of twine and wrap it around the candle with the leaf placed on the front.  Then tie it in a bow and look how festive and perfect for fall the candles look now! 
Fall is definitely my most favorite time of year!  And even though last week we hit the 90's for one last time, this week is cooling down quite nicely and I can't wait for all the fun fall festivities coming my way, especially going to get more pumpkins! 

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