Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Painted Footstool

Are you ever afraid to try a new technique because you aren't sure how it will turn out?  I have been wanting to try painting a fabric covered piece of furniture for awhile now but was just too scared for fear of ruining it.  When a friend of mine recently posted a picture of an arm chair he painted, I knew it was time for me to break out of my shell and try it for myself!
Of course I wanted to start small so I decided that my little footstool that I got at an estate sale years ago was the perfect piece to try it out on.  I got it for my reading nook and it has been covered with a blanket just waiting for a makeover. 
I didn't want to do anything too crazy to it and I wanted it to be versatile.  I use it for props in photos so it needs to be able to be used in many different situations.  I decided white was the way to go.  I researched online about painting fabric and what I would need--acrylic paint, textile medium and a spray bottle of water.  I have to say, it turned out great! 
It took quite a few coats of paint to cover up the bright pattern, but with the heat outside, it didn't take too long to dry.  My husband and his brother thought I was crazy for painting it but I don't care what they think.  I love it! 
The final touch was the eyelet lace going around it like a skirt.  One yard of lace fit perfectly around this little stool.  It is just tacked on there with a straight pin so I can change that up as I want. 
I think I might have to try my hand at painting something a little bigger next time.  Probably not a couch or anything that big, but maybe a small chair! 
It looks pretty cute in my little reading nook.  Now I will have something pretty to put my feet on when I am in there reading a good book.  I am so glad I took the plunge and tried painting fabric!  Now what else can I do that I have been to afraid to try?

Monday, July 13, 2015

Fresh cut lavender

Remember back in the spring when I got a beautiful, fragrant bouquet of lilacs at work?  Well today, I have a beautiful, fragrant bouquet of fresh lavender!  And yes, this is from work as well!  The founder of this college was a botanist and this campus is full of lots of pretty flowers, foliage, plants and trees.  I take full advantage of all that mother nature has to offer me here at work.
The bees were buzzing all around so I didn't get too crazy...I didn't want to get a bee sting after all.  I hung this pretty little bouquet on one side of my Paris banner and as you can see, I am going to have to go cut some more for the other side!  It has a slight cat pee smell, but I really only smell that on my hands. When I googled it, it said some kinds do smell like that...great!  But it's pretty!
One of these days when we get our forever home, I will grow a lovely bunch of lavender in my yard.  It will be mine, all mine!