Sunday, February 28, 2016

Spring in the Bedroom

Spring fever has hit our house!  We are all longing for nice warm weather where we can sit out in the sun and bask in it all day long.  Grady took full advantage of the sunshine we had last weekend.  As uncomfortable as the back of the truck looks, he makes it look pretty comfy!  This weekend was overcast and chilly so there wasn't much of this happening.
I brought Spring into the bedroom since it feels like awhile before it will be Spring outside.  I love changing my bedding on a regular basis and one of my favorite duvet covers is this aqua set I got at a thrift store.  
It has polka dots on one side and roses on the other.  Such a perfect duvet cover for Spring!  The foot of the bed has a vintage sheet in aqua roses and stripes.  I put it on the bed when the dogs come lay with me at night. 
I still have this spring vignette and thought it was perfect to put on the bed.  This is still one of my favorites! 
I found some really pretty fabric this weekend and made a rag garland to hang on my old wood window in the bedroom.  The 4 different fabrics all have roses and are the prettiest colors and patterns. 
I brought home 2 dozen roses from last weekend and they had to go into the bedroom on the little fireplace.  I wish I could have fresh flowers all over my house all the time! 
The sheets on the bed are not Spring sheets--it's still cold out, especially at night so my little flannel owls are hiding under the Spring bedding. 
I put some pink peonies in blue Ball jars on either side of the headboard for some extra Spring touches. 
It's definitely Spring in our bedroom and hopefully soon it will be Spring outside too! 
And we have started on our next room makeover in our house.  The living room got its first bit of love this weekend and we have much more to do.  But here is a peek of what we got done.  I am so glad to have a handy husband and one that goes along with my crazy ideas! 

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

2016 Scholarship Gala

Another Scholarship Gala has come and gone for another year!  This time, our gala was on a Saturday which was good and bad.  It made for a long week and short weekend, but we were able to start and finish earlier.  Since this is our 125th year as a college, we went super fancy for our gala.
At first I wanted to do something vintage for the centerpieces but nothing was coming to mind.  So I went elegant instead and the results were perfect!  We had our campus carpenter build us 50 boxes that were 8x8x5.  We then painted them gold.  A very generous grocery store chain donated 50 dozen roses and statice for filler.  On Saturday morning I showed my boss and co-worker how to arrange the flowers and we were off making all the centerpieces in no time. 
Gold ting-ting was randomly placed in the arrangement and I bent purple wire into numbers for the table numbers.  The best part of all, we sprayed all the flowers with the nicest smelling glitter spray.  Everyone was raving about the centerpieces and I have to say, they are some of my best yet!
We had about 430 people this year and made around $180,000 for student scholarships.  By the end of the night my feet were dead and I just wanted to go home and go to bed. 
Here is my amazing team.  We worked our hiney's off for the last few weeks and we still haven't gotten much rest.  As they say, there is no rest for the wicked! 
{Me, Kelly, De}
Just 2 days before our gala, we had to plan a groundbreaking ceremony for a new library that is being built on our campus.  And 3 days later, we had to plan a dinner for 150 for our Staff & Faculty Appreciation.  We've been busy! 
I was able to recycle my gala centerpieces for our dinner centerpieces because the roses held up so well. 
I just took them apart, cut the oasis down and put it in small candy dishes.  I cut the roses down and arranged them in the bowls and stuck some statice in them.  They were the perfect centerpiece for this dinner and I love that I didn't have to spend any money. 
Here is one more picture of my team in our messy glitter room/craft closet.  We are exhausted but we still look good!  Spring is our busiest time of year so the rest we need might not happen for awhile.  It's a good thing that I LOVE my job!!

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Farmhouse Chic Bathroom Makeover

Our bathroom makeover isn't 100% complete, but I am too excited to wait any longer to share it with you!  Come take a look inside my Farmhouse Chic master bathroom.
Here is what it looked like before.  Carpet on the floors, plain white walls and yucky gold fixtures.
The only thing I liked about this bathroom was the big soaker tub in the corner and the double sinks.  
The first thing we did was to paint.  We chose a blue-ish grey color called Icicles.  We painted 3/4 of the wall from the ceiling down and left the bottom 1/4 white.  A white chair railing was put all around. 
Then we ripped out the nasty carpet and laid down vinyl tiles.  It looks so much better!  Stained barnwood trims out the bathtub and adds such a pretty, rustic look.
There were no medicine cabinets and since we were doing all of this on a very small budget, we decided to stain some pallet pieces and make floating shelves to hang and use for storage.  I got Mason Jar soap dispensers from World Market instead of making them myself.  I think it actually saved me some money doing it that way. Clearly I have way more stuff than Cody!
We used pieces of pallet and barnwood where we could.  The toilet paper holder was painted white and distressed and then screwed onto a piece of pallet.  It's much sturdier now. 
We took another piece of pallet and added an old hook to it.  These act as towel holders for both sinks.  I made stain using vinegar and steel wool and I love the way it made the wood turn a pretty grey. 
Of course I had fun accessorizing and put my little white crate to use as a wash cloth holder on the back of the toilet.  A jar of white hydrangeas is the perfect farmhouse touch. 
Cody painted the cabinets white and distressed them.  I got the knobs for 50% off at Hobby Lobby. 
I love taking baths and always like to have as little light as possible.  My vintage mirrored tray has candles to be lit and a romantic book bundle sitting on it.  It will also be the perfect place to set a glass of wine! 
It has been so much fun putting this bathroom together.  We have done our best to keep costs down and I think we did a pretty good job. 
My candle chandelier has been looking for a home of its own since I got it a few years ago for Christmas.  This bathroom makeover was inspired by it and I think that I created the perfect place for it!

The wall above the bathtub will soon have crates for towel storage and we still need to stain and put up the trim along the floor.  But for now, I am loving it just like this. 
I will probably put up some more decorations and of course when I do, I will show you those too. 
I hope you enjoyed the tour of my new Farmhouse Chic bathroom! 
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