Sunday, August 27, 2017

Dining Room Makeover Coming Soon!

As summer is slowly (and way too warmly) coming to an end, I am starting to think about projects that I want to get done once we are stuck inside the house.  We have lots of things that need to be done but my number one thing is my dining room.
I am slowly doing little things here and there.  New white curtains.  Painting my mirrors white. Decorating.  I want my dining room to be all white with touches of soft pink and aqua so that it looks crisp and clean and oh so pretty! 
On the list of things to do include painting the walls, painting the chairs, painting the hutch and a new chandelier.  I could probably handle the chairs myself but the walls and hutch will need Cody's touch. 
It seems like with each wedding I did this summer (8 in all), I got to bring home a little something that fits perfectly in my dining room.  A lantern from one, candle holders from another, a throw to use as a tablecloth, flowers, etc.  I love being able to bring home a tangible item from someone's special day.
I can't wait to finish my dining room makeover.  These pictures will serve as my before pictures and I can't wait to show you my after pictures soon.  
Stay tuned! 

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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Bite Sized BBQ

Another school year is about to begin and to welcome back our fellow staff members at work, we hosted a Bite Sized BBQ.  This simple invitation that I designed was my inspiration for the rest of the party.
Our catering company ordered black linens with red gingham overlays.  I used Mason Jars for my centerpieces.  I found the perfect red gingham ribbon at Michaels and tied a piece of twine around it.  I tried to be resourceful and use flowers that I cut from around campus, but I needed more and bought some yellow daisies too.
We set 6 cocktail tables and 2 picnic tables on the sidewalk right outside of our building.  The temperature was perfect and made for a really fun event. 
The day before the party, I took pictures of our events staff, both head shots and group shots.  I then made a flyer with our bios and information about events to hand out to our guests.  Now my boss's boss wants all the departments to do one of these! 
Our yummy food consisted of bite sized goodies:
*Pulled pork sliders
*Tortellini salad sticks
*Crudites with ranch or hummus
*Street corn
*Fruit salad
*Strawberry shortcake shooters
*Lemon mousse shooters
*Beer, wine punch & agua fresca
The food was delicious and everyone raved about the little event we put on.  About 60 people showed up and I think we pulled off a very successful Bite Sized BBQ! 

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Solar Eclipse Survival Bags

We are gearing up for the Total Solar Eclipse that will be happening on August 21st.  The area in Idaho where I live is prime viewing space so of course we have to have a party!  It's a work day and no one wants to miss it just because they are at work.  The powers that be said a party was a great idea and everyone is invited!
This is the invite that I designed.  Our mascot is the coyote so I had to make sure he was featured! 
We have an awesome planetarium in our science building so tomorrow, we are having 2 special eclipse shows for everyone to come to so they can learn a little more before the big event.  We wanted to make it extra fun with "Solar Eclipse Survival Bags". 
I went shopping yesterday for the supplies:
*Sun Chips
*Capri Sun 
*Milky Way
*Moon Pies 
All of this stellar yumminess is inside a paper bag that has a sticker that matches the invite.  People that come to the planetarium shows are in for an experience that is out of this world!
On the day of the eclipse, we will have fun eclipse glasses to give out to everyone.  We got some fun designs and made sure they were the proper ones to protect everyone's eyes.  Do you have anything fun planned for this event?

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