Sunday, September 20, 2015

I've been busy making centerpieces again!

Oh boy have I been busy at work!  So busy, I haven't had time to work on my own things so I thought I would share all the centerpieces I have been putting together lately.  Our first big event of the new school year was our 125 Year Kick-off Celebration.  It was a big party for all of campus and was held on Labor Day.  We had a band, a DJ, a rock climbing wall, inflatables, yard games, food, drinks, a photo bus and giveaways.  The centerpieces were the newest purple mason jars filled with paper straws.  I bought purple and gold paper straws and made little flags with our 125 logo on it.  Four out of the 16 centerpieces were stolen...should I take that as a compliment?
This week was Homecoming at the College and I did centerpieces for 3 different events.  The first one was on Thursday night and it was an awards ceremony so celebratory centerpieces were requested.  I had a small budget and needed to use fresh flowers.   
I put both of these centerpieces together for a little over $12.  We have a nice inventory of vases so the only cost was the flowers.  Our colors are purple and gold in case you hadn't figured that out yet! 
The wine tasting event centerpieces were put together at the last minute but they are one of my favorites.  I spent nothing on them either!  I took wine glasses and filled them with wine corks, set it on a wood slice and placed some sparkly plastic grapes around it.  They were a hit! 
Friday night was the Dinner Under the Lights.  Neat lights were hung out in the quad and there were 2 sides set up with banquet tables.  There was only supposed to be one table but a lot of people came so we had to change our original plan. The sunflowers were picked on the side of the road and the other flowers were purchased.  I put together about 26 centerpieces in various sizes of these glass lanterns from World Market.  Some had flowers and some had candles.  I hear the dinner was beautiful! 
We have a new president of our college and I will soon be sharing my centerpieces for her inauguration dinner.  Her only request was that I showcase Idaho as much as possible.  It took me a while, but I have finally figured out what I am going to do and I can't wait to show you after the event!
Today is my birthday and this is what my office looked like on Friday.  I got a gift card, a pie and they bought me a birthday princess tiara to wear at the football game yesterday.  Cody is making me finger steaks for dinner and tomorrow my work friends are taking me out to lunch.  I am definitely spoiled!

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