Monday, September 24, 2012

Made in the 80's

 My 30th Birthday came and went!  I don't feel any different, I just know that I am now 30!  Even though I was dreading this age, I embraced it with a party and I am so glad I did.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the night!
 Me with my parents.  They were such great sports and dressed up.  How do you like my big crimped hair?  My sister worked her magic for me.  I made my shirt and everyone loved it!
 These are 3 of my friends from college and also my sorority sisters. Lyndsay, me, Lindsey and Amy.  It was so great having them there.  A few old high school friends showed up too but I didn't get a picture with them...sad. 
 This is Cody's little sister April and her family-Madisyn, Hunter and Ryan.  The whole family got into the spirit of dressing up 80's style!
 The little kids loved the photo booth once they got the hang of it.  Toward the end of the night, everyone just wanted their picture taken and had forgotten about the props!
 These are my old work buddies-Debbie, Ashleigh and Kyla.  Joe Dirt in the middle is Kyla's husband Tyler.  He was loving his mullet!
Cody was such a good sport.  He worked so hard helping me get ready for the party and he even dressed up.  This is him as Axl Rose of Guns N Roses fame.  His best bud Jason dressed as Brett Michaels from Poison!
My sister, my neice Bri and me...the 80's called-they want their hair back!
 My mom made me a very Smurfy birthday cake.  All the Smurfs were there and they even had a mushroom house.  It was so cute!
So, here I am 30 years old.  Everyone keeps telling me that their 30's were the best decade ever and I hope it is the same for me.  Here is to my best decade yet!

Now that all these parties and weddings are all done, I should hopefully be back to a  more normal blogging schedule...thanks for sticking with me!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Turning 30 in a week-eek!

This is very hard for me to admit, but I can't deny it any longer...I am turning 30 on September 20th! I honestly never thought I would ever be 30. I just thought that I would somehow stay in my 20's forever...I don't know how that is possible, but I thought it would be! So here I am, one week away from reaching this dreaded age, still not exactly sure what I want to do with my life. I remember when my mom turned 30-I was in the 3rd grade. I don't even have any kids yet. Since I can't get around it, I thought I should embrace it. Afterall, you only turn 30 once, right! So I decided to throw myself a birthday party. My
"Made in the 80's 30th Birthday Party" I made invitations and sent them out. I have been gathering toys from my childhood to use as decorations. I am making myself a shirt that says "Made in the 80's" to wear. I am creating a playlist of all the best 80's songs to play. I am downloading all my favorite 80's movies from Netflix to show. I have to find an Atari or a Nintendo for people to play. My drink of choice for the night will be wine coolers. My hair will be crimped, my makeup will be frosted and my jeans will be acid washed. I am going to embrace this birthday and live it up 80's style. Because next year, I am turning 29 again!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Mountain Wedding Weekend

I have been busy planning events and let me tell you-I LOVE IT! Nothing gets me more excited than having an event to plan...I love making sure that every detail-big or small-is coming together. This past weekend, I planned a wedding for my friend Lindsey. Here are some of the pictures I took to share.

This was a small and simple wedding. They weren't expecting more than 50 guests. It took place in Stanley, Idaho. Idaho has been on fire pretty much all summer, and this weekend was no exception. We lucked out and didn't have much smoke at the wedding. But driving home that night, we actually saw flames on the was crazy! The centerpieces were hydrangeas and wildflowers in Mason Jars, sitting on top of a square of burlap, on top of a brown tablecloth. Simple, but so pretty!
The cake was red velvet with buttercream frosting. My mom made it of course! Each layer had different types of piping, the top layer had a monogram on it. I added the flowers and the bird toppers. Everyone enjoyed the cake after they had a delicious BBQ dinner.
Aisle decorations were shepherd's hooks with lanterns and mason jars with flowers and bows. The colors were purple, lime green and white.I love the background. This view is perfect for their country themed wedding. The Sawtooth Mountains are the perfect altar!
I love this look that Lindsey is giving Josh. This is the second marriage for both of them and I can definitely tell that this is the one that will last forever!
Congratulations Lindsey and Josh! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to plan your wedding. I had a great time! May you live Happily Ever After!