Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Beautiful Bathroom Window

We are slowly but surely making our new house into our home.  The first thing we tackled was the master bathroom.  It's still a work in progress, but I wanted to give you a sneak peak of my window. 
We painted the bathroom Thanksgiving weekend, a color called Icicles from Home Depot.  I wanted to make this bathroom Farmhouse Chic and this color just seemed perfect.  This is the window before we had done anything to it. 
After the paint, we replaced the floor.  Who puts carpet in a bathroom?!  We ripped it up and Cody laid down square pieces of linoleum.  It looks amazing and I can't wait to show you the floor.  We also put some barnwood on the bathtub surround and stained it.  It looks amazing! 
Cody is the one that does all of that stuff of course, but I am the one that gets to make it look pretty.  I made this banner for the window and I love how it turned out.  I made a rag garland with some white linen and then added this banner that I hand lettered.  It fits perfectly over the window. 
Even though it is frosted glass, I still felt it needed a curtain.  I bought a small drop cloth and glued a piece over to slip the curtain rod in.  It matches so well with the garland.  This corner of the bathroom might be my favorite part! 
My farmhouse chic bathroom needed a chandelier over the tub of course.  Maybe one of these nights I will even light some candles in it! 
I am loving this bathroom makeover and I can't wait to be completely done so I can show you all of it.  We still need to paint the cabinets and the trim around the mirrors white, hang some shelves and put moulding around the floor.  Cody is currently putting down flooring in our other bathroom so this bathroom will be finished after that one is done.  It's going to look amazing! 
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Thursday, January 7, 2016

*Featured* Little French Table

This Little French Table that I did a makeover on a few years ago was featured on The Graphics Fairy yesterday!  Go take a look at it again in case you missed it.  
This inspires me to find another graphic and do another project!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Snowflake Ornament

Continuing on with my winter decor, I wanted to show you a super cute snowflake ornament that I made just for the occasion.  A trip to the dollar store and a few things out of my stash and look what I've got!
Right before Thanksgiving, I had to go downtown Boise for a meeting and had breakfast at one of my favorite restaurants called A'Tavola.  They have amazing food-I had the Croque Monsieur and breakfast potatoes-highly recommended!  They also always have fun things to purchase and decorate the whole place so festively.  These snowflake ornaments were right up my alley and I sneakily took a picture so that I could make some on my own! 
The Dollar Tree had these large snowflake ornaments in a 2 pack and the silver snowflake ornaments in a 5 pack.  Everything else I had.  I used vintage sheet music to create the medallions, lined the edge in silver glitter and glued it onto the large snowflake. 
I then glued the silver snowflake to the middle of the medallion and stuck a clear glass pebble to the middle of that. It needed some sparkle so I added clear glitter to it and it is perfect!  I made 2 of these and they are the perfect for my winter decor.  Now I may have to copy that adorable snowball garland they had as well! 
Stay warm out there friends!

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