Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Winter Decor

 How was your Christmas?  Mine went by way too quickly!  My parent's stayed with us on Christmas Eve and we had homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner.  My brother and his family came for Christmas morning and we had breakfast sandwiches and cinnamon rolls.  Fischer was so much fun opening presents this year!  I took my Christmas decorations down on Monday and my house always feels so naked afterwards.   
Have no fear, I decorate for New Years/Winter.  I went to JoAnn's today to see what kind of sales they were having.  All Christmas stuff was on sale for 75% off.  I got these electric candles and knew that I needed to put together a winter vignette for my coffee table. 
The candles are a pretty white that fades down into silver.  I put them on my silver rhinestone tray.  I also picked up some wintery picks and took them apart to decorate around the candles. 
Big snowballs, little snowballs and snowflakes all covered in glitter.  What's not to love?  My coffee table is decked out and ready for my least favorite month of the year-January. 
My mantle got a makeover too.  I love decorating my mantle for each and every season and New Years/Winter is no different.  See the big white alarm clock in the middle?  Cody got me that for Christmas and I knew it would be perfect for a New Years Eve vignette. 
Aqua, white and silver are the perfect color for winter.  I added the 3 new Eiffel Towers that I got this year into the mix.   
My New Years Eve party hats are still one of my most favorite things that I have made.  They look perfect year after year. 
I love the way this tray looks dripping with aqua beads and pretty snowflake candles.  Can you see why I love this color so much?! 
I love my mantle and even though I use the same elements each year to decorate it, I place them differently and give it a completely different look. 
And I always hang my burlap winter banner, just in case the freezing cold weather doesn't remind us that it is really winter out there! 
Have I ever mentioned that I am a complete klutz?  Well, I am!  On Christmas morning, I was going to the door and ran into 2 boxes of tile with my little toe.  Going full speed of course.  My poor little toe was sheet white in the beginning and then you could see the bruise starting to form.  The night after Christmas, I ran into the corner of my bed and it hurt even more.  It got so swollen that you couldn't see the bruise and I couldn't wear shoes.  I am limping around and trying my best not to re-injure it.  But isn't my bruise so pretty?!  It's even bigger now!  So you see, I am a major klutz! 
Do you have any plans for New Years Eve?  We will probably go to dinner, go to the dollar store and buy some junk food and then try our best to stay up until midnight.  We lead such an exciting life!  Have a Happy New Year!

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Saturday, December 19, 2015

My Christmas Bedroom

Due to lots of rainy weather, I never did get a chance to decorate my vintage camper for Christmas.  I think next year, I will decorate it long before Christmas so that I don't have to worry about the weather.  I decided to give our bedroom a Christmas makeover instead.
I have never decorated my bedroom for Christmas before and I honestly don't know why this is the first time I have done it.  I love it!!  It is so much more cozy and welcoming.  There isn't much to it, just some lights, wreaths, a few decorations and bedding that works well with holiday decor. 
I always have this white material draped over the headboard and I added some white twinkle lights to make it look super festive.  I think the lights will stay up year round!  Each corner has a wreath hanging off of it as well. 
Each side of the headboard also has these little bleached bottle brush trees that I made last year.  Cody has vintage Hot Wheels on his side. my side has pictures and a candle.   
We also each have one of these little snow globe cloches that I made.  They are a sweet decoration that just makes our bedroom a bit more festive! 
On the side of the room we have this vintage  window hanging on the wall above our little electric fireplace.  I brought the white ceramic tree into our room since it just goes with my decor and set it on here.  It looks perfect! 
This room just seems to have a magical look to it with just a few simple tweeks for Christmas.   

I definitely think I will now always decorate our bedroom for Christmas! 
We finally got some snow on Thursday!  It seemed like it was never going to end.  We went to a friends house to watch the kids play in the snow and took a great snowy selfie.  Tonight we went on a drive to look at Christmas lights but they were disappointing.  No one seems to get into the spirit anymore when it comes to lights and I have a feeling next year, no one will hang lights at all.  They will all just have those lights that project onto their house.  Sad stuff. 
I can't believe that Christmas is in less than a week!  I work Monday but have the rest of the year off.  I am really looking forward to such a long, much needed break!

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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas Cocoa & Cards

I am slowly but surely checking things off of my Christmas Bucket List.  Christmas parties have been attended, presents are wrapped and we had a holiday baking day last Saturday.  The snow hasn't fallen yet and the rain just won't seem to stop.  That is definitely putting a damper on a few of the things I have on my list.  Tonight, Cody and I are checking off a few more things!
I made the best homemade hot cocoa.  It was easy to make and was the perfect amount for the two of us to each have a mug full.  The recipe calls for 1 TBS cocoa and a 1/2 cup sugar mixed together in a pot.  Add a 1/4 cup of milk to the sugar/cocoa mix, stirring constantly, bring it to a boil for a minute or two.  Then add 1 3/4 cup milk, stir and heat through.  It is so good!  I add a few chocolate chips to the bottom of my mug and top it off with some whipped cream.  You can use a candy cane to stir it and flavor it.  Since we are watching Christmas movies tonight, including A Charlie Brown Christmas, I used my Snoopy mugs.
I decided to make my own Christmas cards this year.  I don't send out many so it isn't too large of a task.  I have been seriously crushing on vintage deer this year and decided to do a fun, whimsical card featuring a sweet little deer.  
I found this adorable graphic online, printed it and cut it into a cirtle.  Vintage seam binding was used to create a little ruffle behind the picture, some glitter glue adds sparkle and red and white bakers twine finishes it off in a little bow.  I think they are so cute!!
I got a new vintage ceramic tree today from my mother-in-law.  I have had the green one for a few years and love it.  When she offered me this large white one, there was no way I was going to say no.  I just need to find a star for the top. 
My vintage gate got some updated decorating.  My vintage-inspired yarn wreath is hanging on it and my ceramic trees sit below it.  This corner is one of my favorite places in the house.  It is festive and pretty for sure! 
I am hoping that snow actually happens this weekend so we can watch it snow and I can decorate my camper.  We also need to go look at Christmas lights and do so many more things.  Crazy to think that Christmas is less than 2 weeks away!

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Christmas Bucket List

I love the idea of having a bucket list--for life, for holidays, for anything really.  Since I love making lists and checking things off as I go, I decided to make a Christmas Bucket List in hopes of doing all the things I want to do this year.  Here is my list:
I already have a few things checked off.  My tree is decorated and we are enjoying it every night! 
The college that I work at had a tree lighting last night and I attended.  It was freezing but so much fun!  We got scarves and ornaments, listened to Christmas carols and sipped on hot chocolate.  It put me even more in the holiday spirit. 
(That's me in the middle!)
I still have a lot of things to check off of my list, but I am bound and determined to do them all.  When I do get around to doing something on the list, I will fill in the star with a red or green sharpie.  This will hang on my fridge so that Cody and I can see all of the fun stuff we still have to do.  I am really looking forward to all of these things!
What's on your Christmas bucket list?

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