Sunday, June 26, 2016

Outdoor Candle Chandelier

Hello!  Is anybody there?  I totally took a little blog break without really meaning to.  I guess I just hadn't done anything blog worthy or something like that.  Last weekend I decided that our outdoor oasis needed a chandelier of some sort hanging over our spool table.  Here is what I came up with:
I had 2 vintage egg baskets that I pried apart.  The handled one stores my root vegetables in my pantry for now.  This one is now being used for my outdoor candle chandelier.  With just a few supplies, I created exactly what I had in mind! 
I placed some plastic in the bottom so that the moss wouldn't fall out.  Two different kinds of moss that I got from the Dollar Tree fill the bottom of the basket and then I placed some candles and made sure they were in there nice and sturdy.   
I used twine that I tied in 4 places to hang the basket.  Cody hung it from a rope in the tree low enough so I can light the candles very easily.  
It's not quite dark but the candles are already looking wonderful outside.  A late night dinner is definitely in order!
This chandelier is so perfect for this space.  I love it when things in my head come to fruition in real life.

I need some help identifying some fruit trees in our yard.  This one is an apricot tree and I am so excited about it.  I love apricot jam and will definitely be making apricot jam as soon as these are fully ripe. 
This one is one that I need help identifying.  Any ideas? 
And here is another.  Any help identifying these is so appreciated!  As soon as I know what these are I can start researching and figuring out how to use them.
Summer is definitely in full swing here.  This week we are in the triple digits again and will be for who knows how long.  Stay cool my friends!

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