Monday, October 13, 2014

Fancy Tailgate Party

Happy Fall!  Even though I am still eagerly awaiting the cooler Fall weather here in Western Idaho, there are other things happening around here that definitely lets me know that Fall is here!  The college that I work for has a football team for the first time in 37 years and this weekend was our first Homecoming game.  Since I work in Special Events, we had to set up a tailgate like no other.  
 Everyone loved my Yotes banner that hung on the front of our canopy.  We brought in an oriental rug and had the fanciest set-up in the parking lot.  The president of the college declared us the winners even though there was no competition which is really too bad!
 We used real silver and all of my pretty white candle holders from my wedding.  The gold and purple chiffon is from our event supplies.  We set the tables with purple and gold chargers and both tables had cupcakes as decorations.
 I love being able to use my white serving pieces whenever I can.  No matter what the occasion, it always works perfectly to set a pretty table!
 Even my bar cart came in handy.  It was the perfect place for our silver punch bowl full of apple cider and all the extra cupcakes.
 This was a potluck and we all brought something to share.  There were brat bites, pulled pork sandwhiches, chips and salsa, corn salsa, little smokies, tortellini salad, shrimp cocktail, caprese bites,  brownies, cookies, cupcakes, petite much delicious food!

 We even had purple and gold gumballs which everyone loved!
 As you can see, no one could beat this fancy tailgate set-up.  We were challenged by the people next to us that next time, they were going to bring it.  I think we are going to pull out a secret weapon-my vintage camp trailer!  No one could beat that when you add some lawn chairs and pink flamingos to the mix!
 And of course, the Homecoming football game!  It was a nail biter until the very last second but we won by 4 points by the skin of our teeth.  So far, the Yotes are 4 wins and 2 losses on their first year of football.  Go Yotes!

 I recently entered a fun Fall swap and was partnered up with my good friend Jenny from Jenny's Heart.  I love that we always get partnered up.....we are kindred souls!
 The swap was to decorate a cookie cutter in either a Halloween or Fall theme.  I like them both so I let her decide what to do for me.  She chose Halloween and I think she did a fabulous job on my cookie cutter!
 And she spoiled me as usual with all the other goodies that she sent along.
 What a fun idea to send me a fun autumn cake mix!  Cody has already asked when I will be making it for him.  And all that candy is gone already.
 I just love this tumbler with my initial and in my favorite color.  Thank you sweet Jenny for sending me all this wonderful stuff and for being such an amazing friend!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Outdoor Fall Vignette

 Fall is by far my favorite time of year!  I have had the inside of my house decorated for Fall since the beginning of September but I thought I better save the outside until the calendar actually said it was Fall. Wouldn't want the neighbors to think I was crazy!
I bought a couple of mums but the rest was all stuff I had already.  I set up this little vignette in the front of the house in the flower bed and it looks so festive.  I just need to add a few real pumpkins from a local pumpkin patch.

 Cody brought two random pieces of wood home from work for me and made them in to a sign for me.  I painted the "Happy Fall Y'all" and the pumpkins on it.  It is very rough and rustic which is perfect!
 It has been quite warm here the last few days so my mums were in desperate need of some water, unfortunately they don't look so good here.  My vintage window with broken glass is the perfect place to hang my burlap bunting and sit a few gourds in.  
 This little mum is sitting in a vintage bed spring.  That crazy looking thing in the basket is a dried out gourd of some sort.  
 I got the mums at Home Depot and this one came in this neat galvanized metal bucket.  I love the graphic on it.
 This Fall vignette makes me so happy every time I see it.  I hope it brought a smile to your face too! 

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