Sunday, March 18, 2018

A little farmhouse full of fun

Every couple of months or so, some fabulous ladies host a Farm House Finds Sale in this unassuming little farmhouse out in the country.  It's a tiny little house that looks pretty normal from the outside.  But wait until you step inside!
They held the sale this week and I took a trip on my lunch break to do a little browsing.  This quaint farmhouse is stuffed full of fun finds.  Every square inch is covered in so many charming finds.  Each room has load of great things that belong in that room.  Here is the kitchen full of vintage Pyrex, aprons, cookbooks, jars, canisters, name it, it is probably here! 
They have everything color coordinated so if red is your thing, you know exactly where to look.  I want to know where they got all of this stuff, how much fun all of it is!
This farmhouse is tiny, just about 1200 square feet (half of that is upstairs so you don't get to count that space) but they make it seem huge with all of the great farmhouse finds they have in here.  Each room is so charming and full of fun stuff.
The bathroom is probably my favorite room.  The clawfoot bathtub was full of vintage ticking pillows, there were bottles of perfume, hair curlers and lacy nightgowns.  It even smelled extra glamorous.
There were lots of people shopping so getting pictures was a bit of a challenge.  Plus it's a tiny space full of stuff so that made it difficult as well.  But I got some great shots of some of my favorite things. 
This chandelier was hanging in one of the bedrooms.  It was the perfect touch to the tiny bedroom.  Surprisingly, the closet was a nice size. 
It held lots of vintage dresses, shoes and suitcases.  I wish I was a tiny girl who could fit into one of these pretty dresses.  How much fun would it be to play dress up here? 
The living room was super elegant in gold, green and white.  So much vintage milk glass it makes you swoon!
The front room in the house was loaded up with sewing bits and bobs.  There were sewing machines, fabrics, buttons, thread, seam binding, thimbles.  It was a sewers paradise! 
You can only go in the back door because the front door is blocked with more stuff.  There is also an upstairs but I think that is where they keep extra stuff.  They have a garage out back full of doors and windows and the yard has chairs and fun things to use as planters.   
Now I want to buy a little farmhouse way out in the middle of no where and fill it up with things I find while out thrifting, estate saling, etc.  
Next time you pass by a little farmhouse in the middle of no where, just think what might be waiting on the inside for you to discover!  I will definitely be going back when they have their Christmas sale, I can't wait for that one!

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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Farmhouse Projects

This time of year, I am super busy at work with fundraisers and dinner auctions.  This weekend I worked on Saturday and only had Sunday to do everything I need to do on the weekends plus any other special projects.  Today I was very productive and even found time to make a new sign for my living room!
This is a project I have been wanting to do for a long time.  I picked out the perfect piece of wood and used my metal stencils for the lettering.  I painted them in with acrylic paint and sanded it to get the perfect rustic look.  I hung it above my bay window in my living room and I love it.  A simple farmhouse project that makes a big impact! 
Another fun project that I did was this really fun farmhouse style tray.  I held a fundraiser Craft 'n Sip at work and this was the project that we made.  We stained the round, put on the vinyl and added the handles.  It was a fun night and we raised some money for our Staff Association. 
It was a lot of work for me to prep everything for the event, but it was worth it.  Here is a picture of some of the ladies that attended.  We had a lot of fun and want to do it again! 
Now I need to decide if I am going to hang this tray up somewhere or use it as a tray...I am loving these farmhouse projects so much!

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