Thursday, September 9, 2010


When Fall starts to creep back into my life, I really get the urge to cook and bake. I come by it naturally. All the women in my family are wonderful cooks. I like to think that I am too. Someday, after lot's of years of practice, I might even be just as good as my grandma! I am always on the lookout for something new and exciting, but there is nothing better than the tried and true classics. My sister just happens to have this Betty Crocker Guide to Easy Entertaining. I love it. It is so fun to read it and see how life was back then. Even the words they used are so amusing. If I can't find a copy of this for myself soon, my sister's copy might just disappear!
We had this cookbook when I was little. I love to look at it now because it appears that when I was younger, I was more interested in coloring in the pictures than cooking. When my mom moved a few years ago, she gave this one to me. I really treasure it.

And how can you not mention the best one of all. My mom had this cookbook, she still does. It seems like you can find anything you are looking for in this one. I wish I had my own copy, not the modern version, but this classic, vintage one. Maybe someday mom will give it to me, in the meantime, she gives me Taste of Home's Holiday's & Celebrations cookbook. I know that every year, I will get a cookbook for Christmas and I love that! Someday I will have quite the collection of cookbooks-both new and old. Just like I am starting to get quite the collection of recipe cards too. My favorite thing about cookbooks and recipe cards is when you see that they have been used. They will have smudges and crumbs from when they were used to make something. They get discolored over the years and get dirty from being handled so much. That is the sure sign that you have a good recipe on your hands! One for sure that you better perfect yourself and pass on for future generations to come!
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Tara said...

Hi Trish,I've just started making my own recipe book and I love the idea that maybe someday someone will treasure it.
Enjoy cooking up a storm..xx