Thursday, December 30, 2010

Baby Evan

If you watch ABC World News or Nightline tonight, chances are you will see this story about little Evan. I went to school with both of his parents as well as his aunt's and uncle's. This is a very touching story as well as a story about miracles too. Evan was born with Epilepsy and recently underwent surgery to remove part of his brain. Even if you don't get to watch it, this article is worth a read as it is very uplifting to see what medical miracles can do these days.


Tara said...

God bless Evan and thank God for his doctors abilities..What a little trooper..xx

Pamela said...

I enjoyed reading little Evan's story. God surely uses doctors to perform miracles. It was also informative to read about the brain God created. I had no idea the right would take over for the left or vice versa. Thank you for sharing that.

GwendolynKay said...

I watched the video about baby Even. God does perform such miracles. I will keep this precious child on my prayer list.
Blessings to you this New Year and to baby Even and his family also.