Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fox babies on Easter

I had to share a few pictures of these cute little baby foxes that live along my parent's property line. On Easter Sunday, they were putting on a show for all of us and they were so adorable and very curious!

I think there were 5 of them in the den, but they would only come out one at a time to take a look at all of us. There momma was across the field, probably finding them something to eat. They were enjoying watching us as much as we enjoyed watching them.

My parents have a beautiful piece of property in Cambridge, Idaho. A creek runs through their backyard and it is gorgeous year round. I got married there and I have to say it was the most beautiful wedding ever! Wink, wink! As soon as all of their lovely flowers start to bloom I will definitely share some pictures with you all!

These little fox pups are so sweet, I wanted to take them home with me. But then I remembered that I had two pups of my own waiting for me at home!

It was such a wonderful Easter treat to see these sweet little babies. God has such wonderful creations and I was so glad I got to see these particular ones!

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Fishtail Cottage said...

Awe - what a sweet treat to see! lucky you!

Suzanne said...

Yes, lucky you! Wish I had somewhere wonderful to sneak off to:) You're so sweet...thanks for stopping by to visit me! And by the way, I absolutely LOVE your blog background:)
Hugs, Suzanne

Unknown said...

How precious.....we also live in a neighborhood with a family of foxes......in fact my daughter's house is named "Fox Run" because they cross her back property to get to the creek.....nature is truly amazing!

Jacqueline said...

Trisha, I just love your photo of yourself. You are gorgeous and that shot is just captivating.

What a marvel to get to see these gorgeous little creatures. I love how you captured them peeking out. How fun.

Summer said...

The lil' fox are cute .... The mom fox must have been nearby somewhere .... We always see red fox near our home ....And I do agree with the woman above: the photo of you on your wedding day is beautiful ....You have eyes like Trisha Yearwood or I shoul say she has eyes like you .

Summer said...

Well it looks to be on your wedding day i am not sure if it truly was or not .