Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ruffly Tree Skirt

Tree skirts have always been a problem for me. The first few years that I had my own Christmas tree I don't think I had a tree skirt. Then I had one but I hated it. I finally got a red one and the next year I decided to decorate my tree in blue, white and silver so the red skirt didn't go. This year I decided to make my own. With a little inpsiration from Miss Mustard Seed via Pinterest, I made this ruffly tree skirt!
Let me tell you, I didn't follow the directions to a T, I am like that-I just kind of wing it and do my own thing. I started out with the tiniest of ruffles and it took me FOREVER to get just the first row. I got smart and made bigger ruffles with bigger pieces of muslin. I also just used a red felt skirt as the base so there may be a little red peaking through. This was definitely a trial and error sort of project. I love the way it turned out and I think it looks perfect around my little tree. This won't be the last time I try my hand at this project. I found making all those ruffles quite therapeutic!
It is only a 40 inch tree skirt but there is a lot of muslin on it...I think I ended up using about 4 1/2 yards total. But I probably only spent $10 for all the material. Oh, and there is no sewing involved here-just lot's of hot glue!
Sorry that this pic is a little blurry, I was trying to get the lights on the tree to come through and the setting I used shows the lights but makes it blurry!
And this is just one of my favorite ornaments. Last year at my work Christmas party this was the ornament that everyone wanted. I didn't end up with it at the end of the exchange, but I really wanted it. I went to the little shop that sold them the next day and I found the last one buried deep in the back of a Christmas tree. It was meant to be mine-no matter how I went about getting it!
I can't believe we are only 10 days away from Christmas...hope everyone is enjoying the hustle and bustle going on around them!

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Unknown said...

Trisha, I love that ruffly beauty adorning the base of your tree. So elegant.

Merry Christmas

Unknown said...

Im so far behind you all! What lovely decorations I see here! Your tree is beautiful my dear!


Red Rose Alley said...

Your tree skirt turned out so cute. I can't believe you made it. I know what you mean...I haven't seen that perfect tree skirt yet, and I'm still waiting. Maybe next year...
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Libbie said...

Trish!!! I can't believe you made that!!! All thoes ruffles! It is gorgeous! Why don't I have even a drop of your talent!? Very jealous :) It will be part of your Christmas memories!

Blessed Serendipity said...

Love your tree skirt it's so feminine and pretty.


Unknown said...

Dear Trisha,
I love your tree skirt! You were better at it than the one I bought for 29.99..which has some Ruffles but not as many as yours...I found you over at Hope in Every Season..I'm now following you as you have talent I want to know...

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Oh how I LOVE me some ruffles!!! You are the WINNER of my weekly giveaway...e-mail me at with your full name and address and I will pass it on to Beth so she can get your CAKE TESTER out to you.


Bluebirds and Roses said...

Hi Trish Thank you for coming by..Thank you for sharing this Season.
Happy Holidays

Eileen @ Cottage Beach House said...

This is a gorgeous tree skirt. So worth all the work you must have put in. Lots and lots of ruffles. You really mad it a beauty.

Susan said...

You did an awesome job creating your tree skirt!!

Terri said...

Hello Trisha, I think your ruffled tree skirt is fabulous! What a job though! It flows so beautifully around the base of your tree. Very elegant!
Merry Christmas to you!

Suzanne said...

Oh. No. You. DIDN'T!!! You said you were going to make one of these but I didn't believe it. It is SOOOO pretty...and amazing! You are so talented. Are you serious that it is just glued? Maybe I could do one...maybe. But not as pretty as yours...and your ornament is gorgeous. If you ever decide to make/sell them...let me know. I'll be first in line:)

Heart Vintage Design said...

Love your tree skirt! I would love to subscribe to your blog via e-mail and will look for a sign up after this comment. I'd also like to thank you for visiting my blog today : )