Sunday, June 30, 2013

BlogLovin' & staying cool!

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 Why do people always have to go and change things that are perfectly fine just the way they are?  I am talking about you Google!  I thought if I just didn't think about it, that this whole Google Reader thing wouldn't go bye-bye.  Guess I was I signed up under BlogLovin so that I can continue to follow all of you, my friends!  I hope you continue to follow me as well.  

We are having a heat wave in Idaho and I am already done with summer heat!  Today's high was 105 and tomorrow is supposed to be 110.  Thank goodness that it is a dry heat with little humidity.  I don't do well in humidity!  We have been trying to find cheap and easy ways to cool off.  Today I made some yummy strawberry granitas using strawberries that I already had in the fridge.  They were cool and delicious and really hit the spot on this hot, hot evening.  They are simple to make and only 2 Weight Watchers Points Plus.  (I started Weight Watchers a month ago and am already down 11 pounds!)  I think next time I will add some fresh mint and make them even more delectable!

 The poor dogs are hot too.  They are supposed to be getting shaved soon so that will definitely help.  In the meantime, we bought a plastic kiddie pool for them to play in.  They don't swim in it but they do love to splash around.  Cody and I even sat in it for a bit this afternoon to cool off!  I think we might be doing that quite a bit this summer!
 As you may know, I work for a college and in 2014, we will again have a football team after being without one for over 30 years.  This weekend was a football reunion where former players and coaches got together to celebrate the return of football.  I was in charge of decorations.  Here is a photo of the centerpieces that I put together.  I made 25 of these!  The purple bucket holds 5 small footballs, 2 pom poms, a pennant and gold star garland.  Three more footballs and gold star glitter are around the outside along with a menu card, program and donation card that I designed.  People raved about my centerpieces and loved that they got to take a football home with them!
Thank goodness I get this next week off of work.  With the heat and all the extra work that the reunion brought, I can definitely use the time off!  I hope everyone has a safe and Happy 4th of July and try to stay cool!


NanaDiana said...

I love your decorations, Trisha-the table looks wonderful.
I am so disgusted with Blogger and all the changes they keep making.
Love the kiddy pool for your dogs--so cute- xo Diana

Donna said...

What pretty centerpieces, Trisha! So cute to see your pups playing in the pool, and keeping cool! Congrats on your weight loss, that is awesome! I'm working on trying to take off all that I have gained! I know just what you mean, I wish Google would leave well enough alone!!!

Red Rose Alley said...

I know what you mean about changing things around, Trish. It's very frustrating at times. Although can't people still follow on google friends connect because I don't think that is going away?

Your drinks are so delightful, and I love the little flags in them.

Happy fourth of July. Have fun and stay safe.