Sunday, August 11, 2013

My Paris Bathroom

 I thought it was time to show you my Paris bathroom.  So here is a little tour for you.  There are a lot of pictures!  It is so much fun finding new things to put in here.  This bathroom is would be even better if it had a large garden tub with jets.  Maybe someday.  Enjoy the tour!

 The vanity holds my jewelry and has a large mirror with lots of light. 

 My favorite white shelf is above the toilet and holds a few Eiffel Towers up top and down below.
 The main colors are red, black and white. 
 I put my new table in here and it fits perfectly.  Still haven't decided if I am painting it or leaving it stained.
 The sink has a cabinet mirror above it.  I hung my Eiffel Tower shower curtain down below to hide the storage area under the counter.

 My grandma gave me these wall sconces and they were bright gold-yuck!  A coat of black spray paint completely turns them into something great!  My Eiffel Tower candles fit perfectly in them.
 I got this Eiffel Tower wine rack from a friend.  She had this in college and I always loved it.  When she had it in her yard sale last year, I snatched it up really fast!
 This vanity chair is covered by my Eiffel Tower pillowcase.  I love my Eiffel Tower sheets but they are full size and my bed is queen size so I save them and used them in other ways.  The Fleur de Lis bucket holds hair brushes.
 I got this Paris rug from Shopko.  It's perfect for my bathroom!
 This clock came from Ross.  The frame was gold so I painted it black and it looks so much better!
 This cream colored hook holds a Paris Christmas ornament that I got from Kohl's!
 I made this Paris banner a few years ago and I still love it!
 Some more of my Eiffel Tower collection.  The one in the middle is another Christmas ornament from Kohls. 
 Two glass Eiffel Tower bottles, one from my mom and one from World Market.  The Paris sign is from Ross.
 Excuse the dusty mirror and pay attention to the Eiffel Towers.  The bottle holds white hot chocolate mix and the one in the cloche is yet another Christmas ornament from Kohls.
 I decorated the top of the table with a piece of sheet music, a black hurricane base and some more little Eiffel Towers.
 This little peg board came from Ross.  The roses are bouquets from a friend's wedding.
 I found this scarf at a thrift store.  Although it has yellows in it, I thought it would be perfect in my bathroom somehow.  I needed a window treatment and this worked out great for that purpose.


Donna said...

Oooh, la, la! I love your tres magnifique Parisian bathroom, Trisha! You've added so many wonderful touches. I really love the wine rack, and your banner and the scarf as curtain, too! You are lucky you have such a huge bathroom! The print of the tower lit up is amazing!

Red Rose Alley said...

I think this is the biggest bathroom that I've seen - it's wonderful! Your Paris theme is lovely, and red, black, and white is one of my favorite color combinations. Love the rug and the Eiffel Tower collection. I think I would like to have a bathroom like this. I have to send the girls over to check it out, as they love Paris. Thanks for sharing. You've done a great job decorating.


Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, I just saw a Paris box with the Eiffel Tower at Ross today. It would go perfect in your bathroom.


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

What a cute theme, I love it, and such a big bathroom too. Thanks tons for joining Inspire ME. Hugs, Marty

Cecilia said...

C'est magnifique! Love it. I dream of seeing Paris in person too. Someday, no?

La Vie Quotidienne said...

What a fun and pretty bathroom. And what a great way to enjoy your French collectables ~ elegant indeed!

miss b said...

What a cute bathroom with all these Paris touches. I'm a fan of this beautiful city too and I've been fortunate enough to visit many times, our last visit was in June.

ornate splendor said...

Magnifique! What a fun idea for a bathroom! Love the theme and all of the decoration ideas. The scarf is quite perfect - great find! And the banner is my favorite!!! So pretty - well done! Catherine

June said...

It is beautiful!!! This would be wonderful to wake up to every single day Trisha!
sending hugs...

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Ah, the perfect Paris room, a perfect color combo. I love the sconces from grandma that you repainted...Who needs Paris, just walk in your bathroom!


Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Trisha, your bathroom is very large and you have made it so beautiful with all of your Paris accents. The Eiffel tower has nothing over you! thanks for sharing it with SYC.

Junk to Gems said...

Hi Trisha, I love the Paris theme everything looks lovely! Thank you so much for visiting my blog nannaspretties and leaving such a sweet comment. Love your blog!

Ivy and Elephants said...

Your Paris bath is just, ... oh-la-la!
So many neat things, I love the collection of Eiffel towers! And your sweet banner.

Unknown said...

Your bathroom is so pretty!!! Make it to Paris! Thanks so much for linking.

Laurel Stephens said...

Your bathroom is so cute. I love all your Eiffel Towers. My daughter went to Paris last month and everyone is collecting them for her now, too!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How gorgeous! You thought of everything! I know you are loving it, too!