Sunday, February 23, 2014

Holy Sheet!

 One of the many boards I have on Pinterest is entitled "Things I am on the lookout for".  It has odds and ends pinned to it of things I need to remember that I want if I ever come across them.  One of the things that I have pinned is vintage sheets.  A couple weeks ago I visited my favorite thrift store and guess what I found?  A whole bunch of vintage sheets!  Jackpot!  There were 4 different patterns and I took them all.  I paid less than $10 for them.  None of them were complete sets but that didn't matter to me.

 Yesterday we visited an Estate Sale and everything was 50% off.  I got another set of vintage sheets for $5.  The top sheet had never been used!  But what am I going to do with all these vintage sheets?
I am hoping to make myself a vintage sheet quilt.  I have no idea how to quilt nor can I sew a straight line, but I am bound and determined to make one of these if it is the last thing I do!  Anyone have any pointers for me?  The easier, the better.  It may take me a few years but I will have a quilt one of these days.  And I am still on the look out for more vintage sheets!
My in-laws go down south every year before Thanksgiving and sell Christmas trees.  After their job is over, they head to Lake Havasu to stay warm and hit the flea markets.  My father in law knows that I was on the lookout for gumball machines and look what he brought back for me!
 These dudes are totally getting a makeover of some sort, kind of like the one I did before, or maybe something totally different.  I can't wait to get started on them, whatever it is I decide to do!  But just look at this big, beautiful one that is on a stand!
 Apparently while my mother in law was selling stuff at the flea market, she kept my father in law happy and busy by giving him a weekly "allowance" so he could shop and buy whatever he wanted.  He found this before he got his allowance one day and had to go ask for it early so he could buy this for me.  He knew I would love it and boy was he right.  And how sweet of him to spend his allowance on me!
 I have been wanting a big one on a stand for a long time now and I finally have one!  I think this one will probably stay just the way it is and I can dress up the inside if I want.
  It isn't a super old one but it isn't brand new either.  The brand is Carousel and it has been around since 1913.  I will definitely have to do my research to find out more about it.  Thanks for thinking of me Sonny!
In other news: My nephew's baby was born on Monday.  I still haven't gone to meet her yet, but I will soon.  I love babies so much and holding them is my idea of heaven. 

Are you a Dateline NBC watcher?  Do you remember the episode entitled Deadly Desire?  It took place here in Idaho.  A young, married lawyer had an affair with an older paralegal that he hired and her husband murdered him in a Walgreen's parking lot.  His widow just started blogging about all of it almost 3 years after it happened.  I highly recommend that you check it out.  Her message is so powerful.  When I hear about something like this, I always have so many questions that I wish I could ask and this blog she has started to write is helping to answer these questions.  Many of the stories will bring tears to your eyes but her strength and willingness to forgive is so amazing.  The Moments We Stand is well worth checking out.


Donna said...

What lucky finds to discover all of those vintage sheets, Trisha! I love the rose sheet, it's beautiful! Great idea to turn them into a quilt. You could always use them as pretty tablecloths or curtains in the mean time:) Sounds like your father in law is super sweet, how thoughtful of him to buy you the gumball machines!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Wonderful find with those sheets, Trisha...and can you believe I actually remember having those strawberry sheets on my bed? LOL

Ivy and Elephants said...

The sheets are so pretty and bright, what a gorgeous quilt they will make!
The gumball machines are great, the one on stand is amazing! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

Jenny's Heart said...

so cute and thoughtful.
Xs & Os

Tonya said...

Awesome vintage finds! I love how bright and colorful those sheets are! I would love to get my hands on one of those gumball machine. The fun I could have altering it!!!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Sweet gumball machine and love your vintage sheets. I buy them too, but only use them on the guest room bed. I can't sew either, but your quilt idea is great!

Antiques And Teacups said...

LOVE the vintage sheets! And they are so hard to find! Love the gumball machine too! Happy VTT!

LV said...

That was a rare find in the sheets. There are worlds of great quilters in blog land that can help you make yours. You are blessed having such a kind and thoughtful father-in-law.

Sue McPeak said...

What a pretty blog you have here. I enjoyed your report on finding the vintage sheets. I too love them and have used them in quilts. I will share a tip about stitching on them...machine sewing is hand is difficult especially if they are new.

Loved the gum ball machines. What a thoughtful father-in-law you have. I bet he feels lucky to have you as well. Visiting from VTT.

bj said...

I love gum ball machines, too..I just found one on a stand a few months ago and love it. I'll fill it with flavored gum balls. :)
Now to go read the blog you told us about...:)
xo bj

Cindi said...

Love the vintage sheets. Check out for patterns and read her tips and techniques section on how to make a seam guide for your machine. You might want to practice on some not so precious fabric first.

c. Joy said...

I look forward to seeing your quilt. Maybe French style? Large blocks of color and a printed backing.

Olivia said...

Precious treasures! Love it!

Laura said...

I totally want a gumball machine, myself, Trisha. I would paint it aqua and fill it with vintage pearl buttons. Did I see that on your blog or Pinterest? Your vintage sheets are wonderful! I have used vintage pillowcases in the past, but I find that they tear easily. :-( Let us know what you make with them!

June said...

I bet you are the best auntie in the world Trisha! By now I am sure you have held your new little niece and gotten to know her a little.
I love your idea of a vintage sheet quilt. It will looks so awesome with the prints you found!
I didn't get to see that Deadly Desire but I did see the wife on the news the other day and have been meaning to go to her blog. I think she will help so many people by opening up.
I appreciated your sweet comment so much Trisha. You are always so kind to me and such a great supportive friend.
much love...

Libbie said...

Cute New Name! it totally suits you! But I always thinking of you with your Prince Charming at the Ball! :)

You sew too!!! Not just sewing but quilting! You always amaze me Trisha!!!

Crystelle Boutique said...

What a great find on all those vintage sheets! Can't wait to see how your quilt will turn out!!!
“hugs” Crystelle
Crystelle Boutique
Happy Spring!!