Monday, November 24, 2014

Centerpieces, centerpieces!

 One of the fun things about my job is party planning and coming up with ways to decorate for parties.  Our college Holiday party is coming up very soon and I have been brainstorming centerpieces for the tables.  The theme is Winter Wonderland and here are the invitations that I created and sent out both physically and electronically.  
Here are the 2 centerpieces I have come up with.  This first one has hot glue snowflakes around the candle.  Most likely the candle won't be lit or we will get electronic ones.  It is sitting on a silver tray and has an icy white garland around it.

This is the second one.  It has a little more height to it but doesn't have a candle.  The thing to remember is, I have to use what I already have on hand and I can't buy anything new.  Our school colors are purple and gold so the fact that I have the least little bit of white, silver and aqua is amazing!  Do you have a favorite or should I do both?  I will be making 17 of them!
 Here are some other centerpieces that I have made.  This one was for an admissions event held at a local winery.  I hear they were a big hit!
 This one was for a grand opening of a new building on campus.  It was in the middle of summer and the lemon slices were the perfect accessory.
 These fall ones have been used several times this year.  Unfortunately this is the only fall stuff we have so hopefully I will get to do some shopping soon for more.
 And this one was for a lecture that had to do with music.  I bent gold wire into a treble clef and made a rosette our of sheet music.  The paper in the vase is shredded sheet music too. 
I have our biggest event of the year coming up in February-our scholarship gala.  We expect about 450 people to be in attendance and I will have to create about 60 centerpieces.  This years theme is literature so I am constantly on Pinterest trying to find ideas that involve books but don't involve us having to carry tons and tons of books to the venue.  It will be here before we know it!


Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

You are super talented! I love both of the winter ones, but if I had to pick, I'd say the first one. It would be extra pretty with the candle lit. :)
Great Job!

Donna said...

Wow, your job is just perfect for you, Trisha! Love both of your centerpiece choices! And you will be super busy with the 60 centerpieces, how fun!!