Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas Decorating at Work

Even though I am no where near done decorating for Christmas at home, I am done at work!  I took the last two days to make our home away from home extra festive!
We don't have a Christmas tree but our bookshelf down stairs is the perfect shape for a tree.  We strung some purple lights on it and hung a few ornaments.  We even put a star on top! 
 The mantle has some garland and ornaments.  We may just have to get some stockings to hang.
 The staircase is probably my favorite.  It is the perfect place to put garland and ornaments in our school colors of course!  I walk up and down these stairs multiple times everyday and it is nice to have them looking so lovely!
 This old house really is just made for decorating for Christmas!
 One more look at our make-shift pretty!  This bookshelf has first edition books on it from as far back as the 1800's.  So many treasures can be found in this old house!
And last but not least, I wanted to share this photo with you.  I was asked by my veterinary clinic to take their office picture for their holiday card.  We went out to a horse farm and got to take pictures with these lovely draft horses.  They are sisters named Dove and Dawn.  Dove is 24 and Dawn is 22.  They were beautiful and thanks to the snow that fell that day, we got some perfect wintry photos!

On December 13th, I will be taking pictures at the veterinary clinic of animals with Santa Paws.  I hope Cody will bring my dogs in so they can have their picture taken too!


Julie Marie said...

Oooh Trish, what a beautiful old house!... and you have put your midas touch on it and it all looks just stunning!... how I would love a house like that... and your book tree is gorgeous!... love love love the photo you took for your veterinary clinic... love people who love animals!... so precious!... my Tessy girl is on her vets facebook page today, such a little ham she is!... have fun taking photos with Santa Paws... we call him "Santa Dog" here!... xoxo... Julie Marie

White Lace and Promises said...

The book tree is so adorable. What a great idea. The staircase is beautiful. The photograph would be perfect for a Christmas card.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

It is beautiful the staircase and the fun bookcase "tree", too!

chateau chic said...

You've done a great job decorating that old house. The staircase is phenomenal...and so gorgeous with the garland! Loving your "bookcase" tree. Great job!
Mary Alice

bj said...

I love the decorating you did at your work place. I wish I could get mine all done but I'm waay behind.

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

You did an amazing job! Love the garland going up the beautiful old stairs. Your Christmas card is picture perfect.