Thursday, December 11, 2014

Holiday Party Recap

My work holiday party was last night and it was a big success!  I wanted to share with you the centerpieces that I finally decided on.  There were 18 all together and I made 3 different kinds.
We also had blue uplights that really made a dramatic effect.  These colors are my favorite! 
 The theme was Winter Wonderland/Two Turtle Doves.  I bought these two turtle doves from the dollar store, glittered their wings, stuck them in a large glass vase with Epsom salt, a candle and snowflakes and they sat on the beverage table.  Everyone loved it!
 I also painted some tree branches white and then added silver glitter to them.  I stuck them in a vase with clear glass beads.  This sat on the check in table.  The aqua garland went around the base of all the vases and the caterers even used some to decorate the food tables.
And here is a picture of the set up before people arrived.  We had about 160 people in attendance and we got rave reviews over the food and the decorations.  I think everyone enjoyed themselves! 
My first big event is now under my belt...I think I am going to LOVE my job, in fact I already do!

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Betty said...

Trisha, I'd say you made the right choice. All of these are my favorites over the options in your previous post. I love those garlands around the candles and the glittery white painted branches and snowflakes certainly lend themselves perfectly to the Winter Wonderland theme. Congrats on a great job. Hugs,