Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Winter Carnival 2015

My mom's birthday was on Saturday so we all decided to take a trip up to McCall for the Winter Carnival.  We hadn't been in years and my mom was so excited to get to spend the day with her kids.  I am sad to report that the carnival was a bust.  There weren't very many sculptures and there were so many people you could hardly walk.  We did have fun just being together.  
This of course was my favorite sculpture for obvious looks just like my camper but in snow!  This was the only one we got close to and took a picture with.  What a fun idea!  
There was a bear, a pine tree and even a fire pit made out of snow.  I made Cody come take a picture in front of it with me.  He is always a good sport for me! 
When we were walking back to our cars, there were 4 little deer in a field.  They were pretty tame and let me take their picture.  I have seen a million deer in my life but I am always captivated by them. 
We saw several more on the drive back to my parent's house.  We made dinner, played games, told stories of growing up together and then my sister, her husband, Cody and I went to the bar to sing karaoke.  Too bad the guy was sick, otherwise that little town wouldn't have known what hit them!  It was a great weekend even though I got no sleep. 
Here is a little Valentine's Day wreath that I made for my office door.  I bent a metal hanger into the shape of a heart, wrapped it in bubble wrap and pink ribbon and then made some flowers with felt, tied a big sparkly bow on it and hung it on the door.  It makes our office a little more festive and I used scraps so it didn't cost a dime! 


Laurel Stephens said...

What a darling photo of you two! We used to go to the festival with the kids when they were small, but it got SO crowded, we haven't been in years. You should post a video of your karaoke. :) Happy Birthday to your mom!

June said...

I love that cute snowy camper Trisha, but I love it even more with you and Cody in front of it!!!!!!!! I've always wanted to go to the Winter Carnival in McCall but have yet to make it.
sending hugs...

Donna said...

The vintage trailer made of snow is so neat! That must have been alot of work! Great pic of you two:) Sounds like a fun weekend!