Monday, August 31, 2015

A little bag of sunshine to brighten someone's day

My sister-in-law's father passed away on Saturday.  I want nothing more than to give her my shoulder to cry on and help take away her heartache and pain.  She's a private person and doesn't want to burden anyone with her sorrow.  But I have to do something for her to let her know that I am grieving the loss as well.  I decided that what she needed was a little bag of sunshine to brighten her day.
I went on a shopping spree and found a bunch of fun, yellow things to remind her of the sun.  Her favorite candies are Sour Patch Kids and Lemonheads and the colors go with my cheerful theme.  There is also sticks of Crystal Light lemonade, Juicy Fruit gum, Airborne with Vitamin C, Morning Burst face wash and sparkly gold fingernail polish.  If I find anymore fun yellow things at the grocery store this evening, I will have to add them!
I put all of these goodies inside a cute little burlap basket with yellow bows and a yellow rolled paper rose.  I hope that this brings a bit of sunshine to her day, I know she needs it. 
This little bag of sunshine could be put together and used for anyone who needs some cheering up in one way or another.  I am sure there are so many more yellow things out there to fill this up and make someone's day.   
I have known her and her family almost all of my life.  I wasn't close to her dad but my heart is aching that he is gone at such a young age.  My nephew Fischer won't have any memories of him so I hope that they help him to remember who his papa was.  Rest in Peace JR, you will be missed by so many.

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Ivy and Elephants said...

What a sweet and thoughtful thing to do. I'm sure she will appreciate it. It's a great way to cheer someone up no matter the reason. Sorry for your loss.

Mimi said...

Trish what a sweet and thoughtful heart you have. I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of a good man from this family. Nothing can take the grief and pain away, but you are doing a wonderful thing supporting your sister-in-law through a sad time. I'd love you to come and share your thoughtfulness at Five Star Frugal this week. Will you? Love Mimi xxx

Kelly-Anne said...

Oh heart aches for your dear sister-in-law... What a blessing your sweet and thoughtful gift basket will be to her... May the Lord comfort her heart, and all those who are missing their father/friend...
Blessings to you, dear Trish! Sending love your way!

Stacey said...

That's such a thoughtful thing to do!!

Libbie said...

Oh what a sweet way to take care of her! Target has this big yellow candle called fave gift for friends who need a little joy :) I'll pray for her today!