Sunday, October 2, 2016

Pumpkin Serendipity

Recently, when a friend came over for a visit, they said to me; "I didn't know you collected pumpkins!"  Well I didn't know I did either until they pointed it out to me.  It's completely unintended, a happy accident if you will and I love it!
I guess it's pretty obvious when you take a look at my mantle, I do love pumpkins and I do have quite the collection.  When I got engaged almost 9 years ago, I really wanted to have a fall wedding with lots and lots of pumpkins.  But since so many of my family and friends hunt, a fall wedding just wasn't an option for me.  I opted for June and have lived happily ever after since then!!
Some of these pumpkins I have picked up from various places including the dollar store.  These 3 are just so cute and I notice that Dollar Tree has some really cute ones again this year that I am going to have to go buy. 
These pumpkins are from the dollar store too but I covered them in pretty glitter and placed them on  an autumn colored stack of books. 
I made these too with some wood painted orange, some leaves, stems and curly wire.  I love seeing all the creative things that people use to make pumpkins.   
This Jack-O-Lantern will be put away after Halloween, but the rest of my pumpkins will be left out for Thanksgiving decor.  More Thanksgiving goodies will be added on November 1st. 
I should probably fill this fun pumpkin full of candy, but right now it is empty.  I love the little curly vine that is painted on this one. 
My coffee table has a basket filled with more flowery pumpkins.  The little ceramic one in the front is a candle that smells like fall. There are more pumpkins all over my house and on my porch, but these are my favorites!
I also wanted to share a super easy and really pretty way to dress up your plain pillar candles.  These are faux leaves, but I am sure you could use real leaves if you'd like.  Just take a long piece of twine and wrap it around the candle with the leaf placed on the front.  Then tie it in a bow and look how festive and perfect for fall the candles look now! 
Fall is definitely my most favorite time of year!  And even though last week we hit the 90's for one last time, this week is cooling down quite nicely and I can't wait for all the fun fall festivities coming my way, especially going to get more pumpkins! 

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Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Hi Trisha, how cute your decor is. You are so creative with your crafts. Curly wire makes it with the leaves and stem. The mantle is darling. Thank you Trisha for sharing your lovely home at DI&DI.

The Stonybrook House said...

Who doesn't love pumpkins! I really like the wood ones you made! :)

Sylvia said...

Trisha, It is a collection of a nice variety of pumpkins. Love the ceramic ones and Jack O Lantern is great. Sylvia D.

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Ha, ha Debbie, I guess I collect pumpkins too! I really do love them, faux or real. I have so much Halloween décor that take all of my fall type pumpkins down into the basement for the month of Oct. and then bring them back upstairs for Nov. Love all of your fun pumpkins! And how did I not know that you had just gotten married 4 years ago? :) Thanks for sharing with SYC.

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Hi Trish, I thought that I was on Debby's shabby blog. After I went back I realized it was you. :) Senior moment I guess. So sorry!!

Laura Lane said...

Very nice. Love what you did with the leaves on the candles!

bj said...

Hi, Honey Home...:)
I love your pretty pumpkins...and those candles look amazing and how easy...I am going to do some of mine just like yours....xo

Unknown said...

Everything is so cute!

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