Monday, January 9, 2017

Michael's Grab Bag Giveaway Winner

Last week, I told you about $2 Michael's grab bags and I thought for sure I was the only one that had yet to discover these things...apparently I was wrong!  Let me tell you about them again, just in case you didn't read my post last week.
Right after Halloween, I went to Michael's.  I walked around the store and when I came up to check out, there was a cart sitting in front with boxes on it.  There was a lady grabbing them like a mad woman and raving about these things.  Of course I was intrigued and grabbed 3 boxes for myself.  At $2 per box, I should have grabbed more! I wish I knew when these things will happen, it is a surprise and you just have to be there when they do it.
You have no idea what will be in your box, I had one box that was all Finding Dory stuff but 2 more that were full of all kinds of great things.  Wire words, metal letters, blocks, baking twine, washi tape, notecards, cups, pencil holders, stickers, stamps, magnets, chalk paint, etc. etc. etc.   
My favorite thing in all of my boxes were these lights.  I got 26 boxes of these lights.  I wrapped some up in twine and sold them for $5 each at a craft fair making my money back after selling just one!
I have put them in my hutch in my dining room and I love the way they look at night.  I wanted to offer a giveaway for some of these lights because they are so fun. 
I put all the names into my favorite mug and pulled out a winner! 
Nana Diana, it is you!  Email me so I can get your address and I will send you a package of goodies from my Michael's grab bags.  Thanks to everyone who entered and I hope you happen upon one of these crazy days at Michael's (apparently there are YouTube videos of people opening up their boxes if you want to watch!)  Enjoy your week everyone!


NanaDiana said...

OMGOSH!! What fun!!! Thank you so much! That will be so much fun to get that! I will email you my address. Thanks for telling us about it- I had never heard of it before. Crazy. lol xo Diana xo xo xo

Creations By Cindy said...

Congratulations to Diana! What an awesome win! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Curtains in My Tree said...

Wow I din't know Michael's did the grab bag thing, I would have grabbed a few also