Sunday, July 8, 2018

Only a few things I like about summer...

The 4th of July.  
Summer is my least favorite season.  I hate being hot, I hate sweating, I hate temperatures above 75 degrees. This week we hit 100 degrees for the first time and I am already done with summer now. But I love celebrating Independence Day and decorating for it.  My home sweet home sign outside got a new arrangement in the jar and I love it!
And my chalkboard inside got some new chalk art too.  I had more decor for the 4th of July, but you've seen it before so I thought I would just show you the new stuff! 
Yard Sales.
I love yard sales and sometimes I find some great stuff!  This ladder is adorable.  It's not too tall and not too small.  It's a little wobbly so it will work perfect as a garden decor piece. 
I don't even know what these wooden box things are but I liked the look of them and will hopefully come up with something to do with them soon. 
This heavy duty iron candle holder was only $3.  I can decorate it up or leave it plain like it is now.  I just thought it was too cute to pass up! 
This vintage gate/fence thing matches the gate I already have.  Who knows what we will do with it but I couldn't pass this up either! 
This window only has one pane of glass but I don't care.  I will use it anyway and love it!
These chairs aren't from a yard sale, they are from my work.  Someone was getting rid of a bunch of extra chairs and these came home with me.  I just love old wood chairs!
The other thing I like about summer, camping.  But we have no plans to do any of that this summer.  Maybe next year!

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