Sunday, April 7, 2019

Dollar Tree Mason Jar Wreath

My newest obsession is watching YouTube videos of crafters creating the most amazing things using stuff from the Dollar Store.  I have recreated a few of the things I have seen and I have shared them below.  But this Mason Jar Wreath is my own creation and I love it!
Everything that I used to make this wreath came from the Dollar Tree.  I took a wreath form and covered it in jute twine.  That took a little bit of time because the twine is so thin.  I then took some of the DT lace ribbon and wound it around the wreath.  The wired burlap ribbon made a perfect bow for the top.  The little Mason Jar I found a while ago and when I spot them, I pick up a couple of packs of them because they seem to run out fast. 
I used a permanent marker from DT to color the jar the perfect blue color!  I used the twine to wrap around the top of the jar and tied a little bow to finish off the jar.  The white hydrangeas are from Dollar Tree as well.  You could leave the jar empty, fill it with flowers and have fun changing out what you put in it for each season and holiday. Right now it is hanging on my pantry door but I kind of like it on top of my hood above my oven.  This Mason Jar print is from DT too and it is perfect for my kitchen.
Here are a few of the other Dollar Tree creations I have made, thanks to the inspiration of some very creative crafters out these.  The fleurs tin is perfect for holding soaps at my kitchen sink.  It's painted white and black sharpie accents make it look like real enamelware.  The little feet are pawns from a DT Chess set!  The vintage scale is an oil warmer, some chip board from an Easter decoration all painted white and black paint accents.  The scale face I printed from the internet and fit it in a jar lid.  I just love these so much! 
This is a placemat that I cut down to fit into an 11x14 frame.  It's the perfect piece for my dining room and only cost $2! 
They have so many fun prints and canvases at Dollar Tree and when I saw this little windmill canvas, I knew I needed it.  It is perfect under my cow picture. 
I just love this little print.  It says: Bless this house with love and laughter.  The roses and white washed wood background are so pretty.  I hung a swag over the top to really make it a statement piece.   
Wow, Dollar Tree is really stepping up their game these days and I love trying other people's ideas and coming up with my own!

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Granthamlynn said...

Great to have you back at The party. Thanks for linking.

Reidland Family said...

Very sweet use of such reasonable supplies. I'm always amazed at what people can do with dollar store things!

bj said...

Everything is just are so talented.
I love making cuteness from Dollar Tree....

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