Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's 51st Birthday! Last year we had a big shindig for her, this year it was low key but we still celebrated the amazing woman that she is! My mom is half Irish and half German. She is quick to tell you not to get on her bad side! Her name is Margaret Anne-Margaret is her great grandma's name and Anne is her aunt's name. Don't call her Maggie or Mother-you are liable to get hit!! She is the oldest of 3 siblings, the only left hander, the only one that never smoked or drank coffee. She calls herself the black sheep of the family!
When my mom was only 24 years old, she lost her dad whom she was very close to. He passed away from Crohn's Disease. I can't even imagine losing my dad, especially at that age. She has kept his memory alive for us. I feel like I really knew him even though I was the only grandchild he ever got to meet.
She is so talented and creative. She makes the most beautiful wedding cakes you have ever seen and can pretty much make a cake to resemble anything you could ask for. She loves the outdoors, gardening and being surrounded by family and friends. And I think she is beautiful too!
My mom is my best friend. I can't imagine not having her in my life. She was there for me when I had my first kiss, my first broken heart and everything in between. I am so much like her in so many different ways. Sometimes I even sound like her! I can't wait to have babies of my own because I know that she will be the best grandma ever to them. I am so thankful for her and wish her the happiest birthday ever. I love you mom!


Donnie said...

That was a lovely post about your sweet Mom.

ShabbyESP said...

What a sweet tribute to your mother!!
You are so lucky!!!

Catlyn Berry (Cizz) said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! What a lovely lady and you have to be the greatest daughter ever, that is a beautiful post!


Tara said...

Happy birthday to your mum. You're right she is beautiful and we all should treasure our mums..xx

Ashley said...

i lovvve your blog header!!!!!!! so fantastic!!!

Missy said...

awww happy birthday to your mom!


Something Special said...

Well you just paid your mom the most wonderful compliment she could ever get and that is when you said she is your best friend. I am around the same age as your mom and I have 4 daughters. I feel like I am best friends to all of them, and they are mine. It is the best feeling ever to be thought of that way.

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! She's beautiful. Sounds like she's just as beautiful on the inside. So nice to hear a daughter talk so highly about her mom. She raised you right.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Trisha,
Happy Birthday to your dear mother. She is a beauty and I can see where you got your beautiful looks from. What a wonderful tribute to your mother too. She sounds like a special lady and perfect role model. I am also half Irish.
Wishing your mom the best year ahead and blessings to you both always.

Thank you for stopping by and entering my giveaway. Good luck.
Hugs, Celestina Marie XO

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Lovely post, Trisha! Such a sweet tribute to your beautiful mom!

Holly said...

How wonderful your mom is! You can tell what a blessing you are to each other!!
Just stopping by to say hello!

koralee said...

Thank you for visiting me the other day...your blog is lovely!!!! And so are you and your sweet mom...happy birthday to her. xoxox