Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lot's of time on my hands and lot's to do!

Thank you to everyone who left such warm, heartfelt comments on my last post, as well as all the emails to check in on me. I am doing pretty good, still a little stressed and a tad bit depressed, but good. I have had several job interviews and have met with lot's of people to help steer me in the right direction. Next week I have a final interview for a position that I am in the top 3 to get it. Wish me luck!

With all this free time I have on my hands, you would think I would be busy crafting, creating, decorating, thrifting, etc. But to be honest with you, I haven't really been myself lately and haven't done much in those areas. I think I am finally coming around because I have recently had the itch to get back into the game! I have gone to a few yard sales, some thrift stores and been browsing things on Craigslist. Here are a few of my recent finds!

I have had my eye on this gate for years. I drive by it everyday and was just waiting to see someone taking it down so I could ask if I could buy it. Apparently they did it this weekend when I was out of town. Lucky for me, I saw it at a thrift store last night and told myself that I would go check it out and if it was still there, I would buy it. It was there today and I snatched it up! I just love it!

It has some great patina to it and doesn't need anything done to it. It is very solid and sturdy. Now if I could just make my mind up as to what to do with it! Any suggestions??
My next great find was found on Craigslist. This cute little shadowbox was only $10. It is perfect just the way it is and it even came with some pearl head pins to tack things up with. Can't wait to hang it in my craft room and start filling it with treasures!
When I found this travel case at a yard sale, my hands were so full that I couldn't unlock it. So I blindly bought it hoping the inside was in good of shape as the outside. The inside is like brand new! It even has the original tags. Two dollars was more than a steal for this American Tourister Tiara travel case!
My brother in law gave me this neat little vintage-looking wine carrier. The one side is insulated and holds a bottle of wine. The other side holds 2 wine glasses, the wine opener and a napkin. I can't wait to go on a little wine picnic with my handsome hubby!
This little foot stool holds all your sewing needs! I didn't oringally plan on buying it when I saw it, but in order to get the old and very cool aqua mason jar full of vintage buttons that was in it, I had to buy the whole thing. When the lady told me she wanted $10 for it, I said yes as fast as I could in case anyone else was around!
It is full of spools of thread in every color imaginable, even some vintage wood spools. There are beads, tape measures, patterns-I am finding new things as I go through it! The outside has a very gawdy gold vinyl that I am definitely going to redo...but other than that, it's perfect!
So you see, I have lot's of things I could be working on. There are many things not shown here even! I just need to get the motivation to do them and I better hurry. I have a feeling that I will be employed again very soon!!


Suzie said...

I love the gate!!!

Unknown said...

The gate is awesome! I have one similar & plan on using for a headboard. Tiffany

NanaDiana said...

Trisha-I followed your link and here I am! Great looking old gate-I love it...and what a buy that sewing stool was for $10. Sometimes the Get It Cheap God just smiles on you, doesn't he? xo Diana