Friday, November 6, 2015

Rest in Peace Molly

My parent's had to put their fur baby down last night.  Her liver was causing her problems and when my mom looked in her eyes, she knew Molly was ready to cross over the rainbow bridge.  As soon as I answered the phone last night and heard my mom's voice, I knew what was happening and I broke down in tears too.  This year has been a rough one for our family when it comes to loss and this just added more heartache.  
Molly was 13 years old and lived a long, wonderful life.  She was buried next to my brother's dog Muttley and will always be remembered.  We love you and will miss you Molly Marie.  Rest in peace my sweet, furry, chocolate sister.



I am so sorry is heart breaking to lose your "Fur Baby" They are just like our chidren. Thinking of you and your Mom and many prayers...Blessings,

NanaDiana said...

Oh- I am so so sorry, Trisha. Your poor mom. I know she must be heartbroken. Sometimes we just have to let them go---long before we are ready but know that they are. Blessings. xo Diana

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Hello dear Trisha
It is always so sad saying goodbye to our fur friends - my thoughts are with you and your Mum.
The rainbow bridge leads to a happy place, full of new friends and I'm sure Molly is in her element!

Red Rose Alley said...

aahh, Molly is precious. I'm so sorry to hear about this, Trisha. She will stay in your mom's heart always.