Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Our little slice of country life

It's amazing what some nice weather and warm temperatures can do to really make your new house feel like a home.  We have been spending a lot of time outside lately and the more I am out there, the more I love it.  We are lucky to have bought a home that is just outside of city limits, sits on an acre of land and has all the perks of country living.  This is the view from our back deck, which faces west.  
There are 3 cows in the pasture behind our house.  And I have named them all.  This big red cow is Momma.  She definitely protects the other 2 little cows. 
This is Bully.  I love his shaggy fur and his little horns.  He uses those horns to scratch his side all the time.  He isn't too sure what to think of us! 
This is Baby.  He is so cute and so curious.  Every morning when I go out to start my car or when I come home from work, he mooos to tell me hello!  These 3 like to sleep right outside our back door and every morning when I let the dogs out, I tell them good morning! 
Grady is loving all the space he has to run.  Since it isn't fenced in he doesn't get free range but if we are outside, so is he.   
I made the mistake of telling Bella that she wasn't a real cow dog the other day.  In retaliation, she went and rolled in a fresh cow pie.  Joke's on her-she had to take a bath as soon as we saw what she did.  Guess I won't tell her she isn't a real cow dog ever again! 
The neighbors have random farm equipment all over the back of their property.  I met the neighbor across the street the other day and she said she felt bad for having such an ugly yard when this guys is so perfect.  I told her to come see the back and all the junk and she wouldn't feel so bad anymore. 
I think this arbor has grapes growing on it so I can't wait to see it when they are all grown in.  This would be a perfect spot for taking pictures! 
Dandelions are everywhere around here.  I remember as a kid making necklaces out of them or rubbing the flower on my skin to turn it yellow. Did you do those things? 
And of course dried dandelions made for the best toys when you blew the seeds all over! 
This is the view from the back of our property.  The hill in the background is called Clay Peak.  At night, there is a cross that lights up and I love seeing it.   
We have so many trees on our property and since we moved in the late fall/early winter, we didn't get all the leaves cleaned up before it snowed.  Cody spent one whole weekend loading the back of his truck up with leaves and taking them to the back to be burned.  We spent another weekend burning them all. 
This riding lawn mower was left in a shed when we moved here and Cody was able to get it running!  So we bought a house and got a free riding lawn mower with purchase.  He mowed the whole back pasture and the yard yesterday in no time flat.  What a lifesaver it will be!  As you can see, Cody is loving this country lifestyle and the smile on his face makes me so happy. 


Donna said...

Looks like the country life is agreeing with you all, Trisha! I can't imagine living in the city, ever!! Your pups look so cute in their bananas! I bet Bella smelled like a "cow dog", after her little trick!!

Decor To Adore said...

Hooray for a free lawnmower! I just adore your sweet snapshots of life. It leaves me feeling so peaceful. Have a wonderful flower filled week!