Sunday, July 11, 2010

What a weekend!

I was busy this weekend, just as I had anticipated. I didn't get to do everything I had planned, but I still got quite a bit done. I cleaned the house, did laundry and got groceries-the unfun stuff. I also did some baking, some socializing and some painting. I didn't get to go to any yard sales, but that's okay, I spent too much money on groceries any way! These are brownie pillow cookies. They are called pillow cookies because you put a brownie in the center of the chocolate chip cookie and they look like little pillows. They were a big hit at my softball team's end of the season BBQ. I got the recipe for them here.
I also made these super yummy potato skins for appetizers. Don't ask me why I chose to do 2 things that took a lot of time, but they were well worth it!

My next big outing was to Ste Chapelle Winery for a little wine tasting Jimmy Buffett style. There were 6 of us girls that went and we ran into one more when we got there.

Top Row L-R: Meredith, Lisa, Kyla, Brooke
Bottom Row L-R: Jen, Kathy, Me

It was a hot July day at the winery-99 degrees I believe. Thank goodness there were lot's of trees to give us much needed shade!

The 6 of us girls were able to finish almost 4 bottles of wine-my favorite Soft Red, Cabernet Sauvignon and a new favorite Soft Rose.
It was a wonderful Sunday afternoon spent with the company of good friends. We plan on doing this more often!

I was even able to get a coat of paint on the cabinet. My husband says it looks pretty good as is, I haven't decided if it needs one more coat or not. I am going to make some bread dough roses for this, which I will show you later.
I wish this wonderful weekend didn't have to come to such a quick end, it was a great one...can't wait until next weekend!

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