Saturday, August 7, 2010

I went gathering today

I did some gathering and hunting today. The first stop I made was at Gatherings at the School.
It's this amazing old school building and I have driven by it so many times wondering what it was. Toni at The Tattered Cottage told me all about it and that they were having a sale this weekend. I have been looking forward to going all week. I woke up extra early this morning and got all my chores done so I could be there bright and early. It was amazing! So much beautiful stuff, it really took my breath away. I wanted everything that I laid eyes on. But alas, I am not a rich girl so I only had a little bit to spend. I walked through a few times just so I dind't miss anything. Thanks Toni for telling me about this sale-I will be back there for the next sale! Here is what I ended up getting: Super cute birdhouse with an old doorknob and plate and a heavy duty stone candle holder. Don't know what I am going to do with them yet-but I sure do love them!
Then I went to a few yard sales on my way back home. I found some great stuff again!
These two glass domes are brand new, still in the boxes! I paid $1.75 for both of them! I can't wait to put some beautiful flowers or yummy treats under them!

I picked this little cabinet up for $3! It really just needs to be wiped down and it will be perfect!
All 4 of these gold ornate items were from the same yard sale! The 2 big frames were $2.50 each and the smaller ones were only $.50 each. I told the lady that she had the best yard sale ever!
I couldn't resist these roses! I spent $2.00 for all 4 pieces. So pretty!
And these are some thrift store finds. Give me some white paint and I will have all of these things looking absolutely lovely in no time! I can't wait to get started!
I had an amazing day gathering and hunting...when can I do it again?!


The Tattered Cottage said...

Trisha -
You found some beautiful treasures! Your thrift store finds will look fabulous once you put your wonderful touch to them. I'm so happy you were able to stop by the Gatehring's sale....I knew you wouldn't be disappointed. Hopefully you signed up on their mailing list so you can get the latest updates on their sales.
Toni ♥

Tara said...

I can't believe the great things you got for such fab prices..Love them all...especially the frames..xx

Marty said...

Yay!! I get excited when we find such great treasures for cheap!!! You did good girl=) Can't wait to see some of these come to life=)