Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My favorite room

Happens to be my kitchen. I love the way it has come together. It makes me happy to be in there, cooking for my family or making something sweet for my husband. I really like to find things to use to decorate it too. I always wanted a red kitchen and I had been wanting plant shelves as well, so both of those things were a selling point for me when we bought this house. Our house is small but it suits the two of us well. Here are the things that I love...

My white metal stars. Sure, I could have hung them up somewhere outside, but I loved the look of them all placed together on the shelf.

Live, Laugh, Love-definitely words to live by! They were brown when I first got them and blended in with the red paint, so my husband painted them white for me and they really stand out. I love the scrolly candle holders and the ivy!

This was one of the centerpieces from my wedding. I had a shabby chic/Tiffany & Co. themed wedding. It was beautiful and this candleholder helps make my kitchen more beautiful and brings back wonderful memories!

The window over my sink-I love the ruffly white valance. When the sun shines through in the morning, the stars reflect their respective colors on the floor. So pretty.

Of course, I didn't really show you my kitchen, really just a few of the favorite things in my kitchen. One of these days I will do a full shot of it all, but right now it's a mess and no one wants to see that!


The Tattered Cottage said...

Trisha -
I love your ruffled valance...where did you get it?

♥ Toni

Trisha said...

Wal-Mart! I thought about doing a tea stain on it to make it look a little older, but I think I will keep it white!