Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New favorite show

Have you seen American Pickers on the History Channel? It is my new favorite show. I don't know how many times I have driven by someone's home and thought, "I wish I could knock on their door and ask them if I could look around and see what I can find." These lucky guys get to do that and they have their own show! Lucky! It's so fun to watch and see what they "pick", for how much they pick it and how much it is valued at. I guess when I go yard saling I am kind of doing that. In fact, here are a few of my recent picks!This awesome clock was laying on the ground at a recent yard sale with a 50 cent sticker on it. I kept going over to it and finally decided to snatch it up. I thought I would only be out 50 cents if it turned out to be a piece of junk. I took it home to my husband and he fixed it right up. The top piece and finial were inside the clock so it was better than I had originally thought. It is amazing what a little cleaning and fixing up can do!
I hate birds in real life. Actually, I am afraid of them-deathly afraid of them. But cute ceramic ones like this I can handle. I love the green sparkly paint on this cute little guy. He looks pretty darn cute overlooking the flowers in my flower bed out back. I paid $2 for my little birdie.
I love frames, I always have. I am always on the look out for ones that really catch my eye. This big one had a picture in it, I didn't really like the picture or the color of the frame, but I saw past all that and knew with some white paint and some sand paper, I would love it. The little frame was gold-I hate gold-but I was able to see past that too. Sorry I don't have a close up of the detail on these, I will get one soon though! Total cost-$3.50-I will be doing something a lot better with this wall in my dining room, but I have to go picking and find more things!


The Tattered Cottage said...

I LOVE the AMerican Pickers!!! I posted about them awhile ago. They find the best junk! I'm so happy that you were able to stop by Miss Gracie's sale. I wish we could have met :) She will be having another one in the fall....not sure if she has decided on September or October, but if you follow her blog you can see when it is. There is another great sale in Star in August. A friend of mine who lives at the old school will be having her sale, maybe I'll see you there.
♥ Toni

June said...

I love that show too. My husband started watching it first and then got me hooked. I would love their job!!! Thank you for stopping by my place...you are going to love blogging!