Thursday, June 9, 2011

June 13th, 2009

How perfect that Angelic Accents just happens to be hosting her 2nd Annual Wedding Blog Party just 3 days before my Wedding Anniversary! I think it is meant to be...just like me and my husband Cody! We were married on June 13th, 2009 at the home of my parents in Cambridge, Idaho.

Please excuse the chaotic order of my pictures. My photographer took over 3800 pictures, which we narrowed down to about 1300, which I now own only a measly 125 of them. Our photographer took the most AMAZING pictures, but completely ripped us off. It took a year and half for me to get them and I didn't even get what I paid for, but I are a FEW of my favorites to share with you all today!

My mom is a cake decorator so I didn't even have to search high and low when it came time for my own wedding cake. My wedding colors were Tiffany Blue, Black and White. I designed this cake and my mom, of course, baked and decorated it. The cake topper is my Cinderella wedding snow globe, our initials are on the top tier, diamonds on the 2nd tier, the 3rd tier has a ribbon that says "...and they lived happily ever after", the 4th tier has scroll work and the bottom tier has a Tiffany Blue ribbon with a diamond square. I LOVED my cake!

My dress was beautiful and made me feel like the princess that I am! It was a halter style dress with a pick up skirt-pretty simple. My mom sewed Swavarski crystals into each pick-up and added a corset to the back. She also added the crystals to my veil as well. I got so many compliments on my dress...I want to wear it everyday!

We made my bouquets and boutineers. There were 3 different colors of pink roses. We wrapped the stems in Tiffany Blue satin ribbon and added diamond pins to the inside of the roses. The gold cross that hung from my bouquet was my something old. My grandma and my mom both wore this cross in their weddings so it is very special to me.

My sister is a beautician so she did my hair. I wore my hair down in loose curls and had a simple diamond tiara. I wore a single princess cut diamond necklace. I did my own makeup as well as all my bridesmaids makeup! Have I mentioned that I do makeup for weddings, photos, etc.? Yes, I do...I love makeup!

And of course I had to wear glass slippers! No Cinderella wedding would be complete with out them. I wore them for pictures and the ceremony, but as soon as I could, I put my flip flops on!

This is my favorite picture of Cody and his nieces and nephew. Cheyenne and Sierra are his older sister's girls and Hunter is his younger sisters son. They love their Uncle Cody and were the most adorable flower girls and ring bearer ever!

I just love this picture of Cody and the guys. The photographer said jump and he snapped them in motion! It is so fun to see the different levels of height they got!

This is my favorite picture of me and my bridesmaids. We got married at my parents house and there were so many beautiful places to take pictures. I love the dresses that we picked out for them. A simple black A-line dress with a Tiffany Blue satin ribbon tied in a bow at their waists. Everyone looked so elegant and these are dresses they can wear again and again!

Cheyenne and Sierra were the sweetest flower girls ever. They were so excited for the wedding they could hardly contain themselves. I added a few pink roses and aqua ribbon to the white roses that were on these dresses. Sierra even wore hers for her birthday party a year later!

Here is our first kiss as husband and wife! How did I get so lucky?

The ceremony took place in the yard below my parents house, on the banks of a creek. Our wedding was June 13th, 2009. I planned it for that day for several reasons: 1. I love the tradition of weddings and wanted to be a June Bride, 2. The cotton on the trees would be blowing in the wind, 3. People think 13 is an unlucky number but I want to prove them wrong! 4. It's the beginning of the summer season so it wasn't too hot, it rained a little, and there was still snow on the mountains in the background-absolutely breathtaking!

This picture was taken before the rain came. I love the umbrella! You can kind of see a little bit of that magical cotton floating too-my dad said that I ordered it and definitely got it!

This is a picture of my family: my parents, grandparents, brother, sister and her family. We definitely have room to grow!

This is a picture of Cody's family! This is just his 4 sisters and their families-1 sister and 2 brothers are missing! I love that he has such a big family! Look how many sisters, nieces and nephews I gained!

I absolutely loved planning my wedding and I have to say it was amazing, beautiful and very memorable. I had no idea about blogging while I was planning my wedding, which was probably a good thing because I would have needed another 2 years to plan it! I feel so blessed to have met the man of my dreams! It is so hard to believe that 2 years have come and gone so fast! He still makes me weak in the knees and takes my breath away every time he looks at me! Happy 2nd Anniversary to me and my Prince Charming!


Suzanne said...

Beautiful Girl...Beautiful Bride! A real Southern Belle:) I was so happy to see this blog post. What an incredible day and I hope your anniversary is just as beautiful as you!

Libbie said...

Don't you just wish you could do it again :) I loved planning mine too. I was pretty young (23) & would do a lot of things differently but most things the same.

i loved seeing your pics Trish! You are such a radiant gorgeous bride!!! The pictures ARE gorgeous too! LOVE that cake! Your mom sounds pretty handy to have around in the times of a special occasion :) So that's where you get all your skills!

Lovely Post!!!

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh how gorgeous!!! You look so beautiful! And wow, I love your cake and the colors--so exquisite!!! You make the most adorable couple...and oh those flower girls...they are precious. Happy Anniversary!!!

Susan Nowell @ My Place to Yours said...

Awwww, that picture of Uncle Cody with the little ones is fantastic!

Karie said...

Oh how sweet. The pictures are wonderful. You are gorgeous as a bride. Thanks for sharing. Karie

Milagros Rivas said...

Que bellas fotos!! es un momento muy especial!!

Tara said...

wishing you a wonderful day..xx

Unknown said...

what a breathtaking post! You are such a beauty. I love your colors.

Monica said...

What a beautiful wedding! And loved your bouquet and glass slippers!
Happy party!

Jan Hennings said...

A beautiful wedding and the cake is gorgeous!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Trisha,
Happy Anniversary!! You are such a gorgeous bride and you and Cody are a beautiful couple.
I loved everything about your wedding. The colors, your dress was amazing, the glass slippers and the cake gorgeous.
I wish you many more happy years with your best friend and love.
Love the colors on your blog too.
XO Celestina Marie

JudyBug said...

Beautiful gorgeous pics!!! You were a stunning bride!

Tammy @BeatriceBanks said...

You really had a fairy tale wedding! Beautiful!

Honey at 2805 said...

You were a gorgeous biride and the pictures are lovely. Happy Anniversary!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous wedding memories! You are a lovely bride! Love your photos!

Big Hugs

Holly said...

This is the most wonderful post!!! I had no idea you are a wedding planner, but it certainly shows through in your wedding - and your mom is a cake designer! Normally I'd say decorator but she's a designer. I love your colors and every little detail that you showed us. What a lovely tribute to Cody. It looks as though he found his princess as well.

Unknown said...

Trisha ~ May your anniversary be blessed & beautiful. Gorgeous wedding memories ...

romance-of-roses said...

All the pictures are wonderful, Happy Anniversary. You were a lovely bride.

Olivia said...

Oh my goodness sweetie, I think we are both true romantics at heart! Your dress, hair, cake, makeup, bouquet everything is sooooo perfect! I got married at my dads home and it was really pretty too. Thank you for sharing your lovliness!
big hugs,

Our Back Porch said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS! Happy Anniversary! Happy Wedding Blog Party!

Back Porch Blessings,

Shirl said...

Hello, Your wedding post is beautiful and Happy Anniversary to you! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment.
Hugs, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hello Trisha!

Happy 2nd anniversary, sweetheart! Your wedding pictures are awesome! And I sooo love your Tiffany blue/black color scheme! I've been married 37 yrs. day after tomorrow and those are the colors I'd pick if I were to do it all over again! Your dress was amazing and I so love how you added the family cross that your mother and grandmother had both worn to your wedding bouquet! How very special. Your cake was beyond gorgeous! Love all the different layers and how they were decorated ~ that is how our daughter did hers, too, in 2007. My very fav pic is of the two of you with the umbrella ~ just a stunning photo of a beautiful bride and her happy groom! I'm thrilled that you joined the Wedding Blog Party!

My out-of-town relatives are now gone so I can devote all this next week to visiting and revisiting all the lovely wedding posts!! I'm just in heaven!!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

mo said...

Hi Trisha,

Just like a dreamy fairy tale. Heavenly.

You are beautiful.



Scrappin Abby said...

Happy (belated) Anniversary Trisha!! Your wedding pictures are just beautiful. I had so many scrappy ideas floating around in my head while looking through them : )
We too had tons of pictures taken and it's hard to choose which ones to post. You have inspired me to do a post on my upcoming 2nd anniversary in July...I will tag you so I can give you props for the idea : )
Have a great day and thanks for sharing your amazing were a BEAUTIFUL bride :)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful wedding you guys had! My colors are the exact same as yours, black and white (damask) and tiffany blue, I just love it, the colors are so beautiful together! I was looking for some ideas and found your blog and just wanted to tell you how beautiful you look! And I love your dress also, your mother must be very talented! Thanks for sharing your photos, as I have finally found a wonderful idea for my wedding cake! :) Best of luck to you and your husband!

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